AFL - Good Ideas, Terrible Ideas, Too Many Ideas, No Idea


Great, more weeks I’ll forget to put my tips in on time




Will have to see our draw before I cough up close to $2k in membership


We’ll still stump up our 1.5k. Having been interstate, and even now 350km from the games, it’s largely a donation to the club anyway.


If they are saying that every team could play on a Thurs, then does ANZAC day next year count as our Thurs?


I love Thursday night footy. Makes the working week more bearable


I don’t like it.
Another step towards making it a tv sport.


One could argue it has been a tv sport since the games moved from a Saturday afternoon slot only. Just now the tv network level of influence goes well beyond what it should be. Thursday night matches and all the talk about potential rule changes demonstrate this fact.


Doesn’t bother me, I often work Friday night but rarely Thursday.


night footy is best footy.


I think the level of Thursday night games this year was spot on. Especially considering they didn’t have to compromise the draw with 5 day breaks to accommodate it. Increasing it and introducing 5 day breaks is a terrible idea


Hate night footy


I like Thursday footy. (watching not going)

Outside of Essendon games I really only watch Friday and Thursday games.


lol you think it’s not already?


Yep, personally enjoy having footy over 4 days. Wouldnt necessarily want too many Bombers game on it though but interstate teams seem to do a decent job of hosting Thursday’s so happy to settle in for a Dons game across the border somewhere.


As long as they aren’t Fark Carlton games I don’t care which day or night of the week they are on


Can’t imagine them getting too many of the big televised slots next year.


Channel 7 would rather show MKR reruns than show that rabble in prime time




Maximum of 12 or 13 games. Maximum of 1x 5 day break per club per season. In reality, it actually makes it fairer given the short break that we (and Pies, Tigers, Dees) suffer around Anzac Day (Eve).