AFL - Good Ideas, Terrible Ideas, Too Many Ideas, No Idea


Back-pedalling you say?


Jesus ■■■■■■■ Christ. Why do this, WHY!!!


Why do what?


These changes. They’re utterly moronic.

They reduce interchange rates so the game slows down and as a result play gets more congested. Then to fix congestion they introduce 9 new rules!!!

After one of the most even seasons ever!


Is it me or should these rules have been. Announced either before trade season or after the draft?


The new rules seem pretty minor. Most clubs start with a 6:6:6 combination, or one spare off the back. Don’t think it will change much at all.

Of the others, the hands in the back rule and a bit more room to kick in are likely the most significant.


I believe I have ascertained the logic:


Yeah this. Do they need to wait for the goal umps flag waving to finish to at least give a chance for the forward to get back on the mark?

What if it hits the post and they catch it in the square? Can they just turn and bolt?



And I hate the rolling back of hands in the back. That rule played no small part in the return of the big forwards to the top of the goalkicking charts, and has also IMO led to the rise of the intercept marking defender too, as sides had to work out a better way to beat them fairly.

Now we’ll go back to having 6’2” scabs like Leo Barry and Campbell Brown hanging off the full forwards’ back again and shoving them.

Crap change.


So they’re not just not banning the shepherding the man on the mark, they’re actively promoting it?
Closer and closer to gridiron.


The game is getting more congested mostly because players are fitter and can more often, flood backlines/fwd lines… reducing interchanges likely to make congestion worse. Rules changes are fine - they’re mostly getting rid of rules rather than introducing new ones anyway


Does anyone remember how “preseason” used to involve a marathon race that ‘Tuddy’ would win and then he would keep running after he crossed the finish line, and an umpires’ race where they would run backwards for 100 metres.
Seriously boys and girls, that is what life consisted of back when milk was tuppance and a loaf of bread was left on your doorstep each morning.


Even with dwindling returns, the big forwards have always been up the top.


Think the AFL has missed a couple of really good extra rule changes. Introduce a round ball like basketball, add another post between the goalposts but back near the fence. Put a ring with a net on it and if the attacking team kicks the round ball through the goals and it goes through the ring, you score an additional 10 points. As you will all realise, I’ve spent many many hours considering these additional changes - about as many as the AFL has spent with its new rules.


Light the ring on fire and you’ve got me onboard


Kicking for goal after the siren

  • A player who has been awarded a mark or free kick once play has ended:

    • Will now be able to kick across their body using a snap or check-side kick
    • BUT must kick the ball directly in line with the man on the mark and the goal.

Can someone explain the above? How the hell do you kick a snap for goal directly over the man on the mark? Are you allowed to take 3 steps to the left of the mark (kicking with your right foot) then take a three step run up and kick directly over the mark towards the goal?


Add a golden snitch!


There’s a few more Grundy-type rucks that have good skills… giving them more opportunity to use those skills out of the ruck not all bad…


The 9 new rules are going to ■■■■ our game up royally!


The 9 new rules are ■■■■■■■ our game royally already.