AFL - Good Ideas, Terrible Ideas, Too Many Ideas, No Idea


…and yet we still have the “please sir, I’ve got my hand in the air. Can you please confirm it’s ok for me to be the ruckman at this stoppage?”
Stop the rot, AFL. Simply. “ If more than one player from a team attempts to go for the tap at a stoppage, the umpire will pay a free kick and 50 metre penalty to the opposition.” I think that may control the problem without the need for teacher/student type responses!!

  • Four midfield players must start inside the centre square with the two wingmen stationed along the wing.

I thought that how the game usually begins with a bounce down or ball up


Players are now allowed to turn their back on the opponent standing on the mark and kick the ball over their head as a set shot on goal.



I like the new rule, always found that rule that if you stepped on the line it was a bounce at the top of the square ■■■■■■■ ridiculous and the idea that you need to do a dinky kick to yourself to run over an imaginary line when you can play on without it in just about every other situation was dumb

They could have just set the mark at the top of the square for a kick in and then made it normal play-on rules


So we still have the sliding rule as stands. Ugh.


This is what you get when ■■■■■■■ from The Project do other things outside normal work duties.


I think it means the top of the square is the closest towards the (attacking) goal the man on the mark ever gets

How I read it, anyway


Oh, I bet you say that to all the pretty girls.


Can the 250,000 fuckwits that signed a petition on Monday sign the new petition for an actual cause?


So… nothing to stop the Toby Greene flykick? Or would protecting players contesting the ball be too much to ask??




Do I get a grade along with the corrections? Need a C+ or higher to get my Blitzploma. Guessing I fell short…

Take your point though… meant ‘increasing’ interchanges likely to make congestion worse


What’s not to love about it? Just another part of our great game.




Fine with anything on backs to give you lift.

The Toby Greene/Mark Johnson one - studs-out, typically to the guts of a player flying the opposite direction - should be a free.


Congratulations, you got a B.

Blitzploma is yours.


My sarcasm clearly failed there, sorry. I think what he does is total rubbish and should be against the rules, for exactly the reasons you’ve said.


And knowing when to call play on


Ah, my bad

Fully expect the AFL to do nothing to deter this very very obvious thing, then randomly and punitively hand out a 9 week suspension at some point.
Or bring in a rule which stops it and also some other thing, like they did with the sliding rule, brought in because Thomas and Goodes kept sliding in studs out.