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I don’t see why this is a problem. And there is a problem they’re trying to fix. They’re trying to reduce the instances of teams getting the ball locked into one end of the ground.
This helps them get it out quicker and further, without the stupidity of the 18m goal square. It’s a lesser, better change imo.
And I don’t think it does complicate it. It simplifies it, as long as they clarify the impact on stats


I don’t agree on the sliding rule

All they needed to do was outlaw the using of feet/legs to make contact below the knees of an opponent
That was the only situation anyone ever had an issue with

Instead they made it a blanket rule


Disagree one million percent on there ever being a problem
Teams not having good enough kicks is a problem
Teams not having good setups is a problem
But if something isn’t a problem for 15 of the 18 teams playing that weekend, it’s not a problem.

Also, ■■■■ c*nton


sorry…should have said perceived problem.


Runners and Water Carriers

Team Runners may only enter the Playing Surface once a goal has been kicked and must exit the Playing Surface before play Recommences.
Water Carriers are not permitted to enter the Playing Surface during live play.

This is an excellent rule. Well done.

Said it many times, these Runners and Water carriers are a farking blight on the game the way they hang around becoming 19th and 20th man.


I still don’t mind this change though. Having to kick to yourself is just odd. I think it gives teams a little bit more flexibility with being able to attack from the kickouts.

I hope Hurley’s kickouts are far less frequent now. Saad should get more of a go imo. Take the first man on and get it to 25m out and then roost it over zones.


I seem to be in a minority, but I don’t really have a problem with any of these rules. I think they will successfully reduce congestion, speed up ball movement and reduce instances of getting it locked in the defensive 50.

I think these changes will really benefit Essendon over the next couple of years. We have speed to burn, fast ball movement and generally good foot skills these days. For once we seem to be on the right end of one of these

It’s just a pity we don’t still have Fletcher who, with the new rules, could run 15-20 metres from the kick in every time and bomb it past the wing to the mosquito fleet to run onto


Ive always said that…if guy diving on the ball get another guy on him it should be an automatic free kick to the first guy on the ball!


Fair enough… good examples too


Surely this means that we might be semi-decent kicking the ball in from a behind next year. Our kick ins have been appalling for so long now compared to every other side in the comp.

Ffs I certainly hope there is some work done on this aspect of the game this preseason.


so the rule of putting your foot on the line when kicking in is absolete now!


You would assume so but it’s a fair bet the AFL haven’t thought of that


DGod our sport is amateur. It’s run so, so badly.

I love Essendon but I’m really just hating the game of AFL now. No other sport would run so poorly and bow to the voice of people like Mark Robinson.


6 x 6 x 6 wont affect the swans the 50 touches the centre square lol


Unless it’s during an end of season Footy trip, …


Random: So AFL how did you come up with 666?
AFL: Just came naturally.


how many water carriers are we allowed per team?


To me the rule changes to me feels like we’re heading closer towards 22 midfielders.


i’m just glad they’re only trying the rules in the Corporate Cup pre-season extravagant trophy competition


Actually this rule was always a nonsense. Its the only part of the ground where you get no prior opportunity for winning a contested ball. It is an illogical rule.