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Reckon the play on at any time during the award of a 50 metre penalty is an interesting one.

Should be a little tricky to defend against.


This is to stop the deliberate free & 50 teams employ when they are outnumbered down back and want the chance to flood and set up.

That becoming a thing of the past is a good thing for mine.


Yeah good change.

Hands in the back weakening is good too and the 6 6 6 is a reasonable idea too.


Huh? The only change is a player at the back can defend their space with a straight arm now. It should help forwards.


Yep. Seems reasonable. Reflects modern kicking styles but the actual kick/connection is still on the original line to goal over the mark.


That wouldn’t work. Teams would make it look like one player will contest, they slip out and you have to handle someone jumping from the side. The idea is to protect the ruck contest, you’re proposal would work against it.


The Buddy “natural arc” ruling is now for everyone.


I’m not sure about that, I think he likes to do a solo now and then.


BJ won’t be happy. Year earlier we potentially play finals. sliding doors moment.


If it weren’t for four blokes standing 1m away waiting for me to do that so they can get a free the instant they grab me, I’d do that.

@Reboot - well, yeah, I could. I could also just knock to an outside runner or something more sensible.


Doesn’t need to be accurate. Just clears up the “can’t play on” aspect of the run-around kick on after the siren shots. Near enough will be good enough.


One rule I like is the playing on from the 50m penalty.

The hands in the back will be a farce. Anywone who feels hands in the back will just dive forward even more

The one rule that needed to be changed is the blanket rule on sliding. Should only be for feet first.

What’s the point of the goal square when you can just run t out.

They reduced interchange etc to slow the game down, now they make rules to speed it up.



Hang on.

Assuming the player would start their run up off the line, and then kick once they have reached the point where the mark is.

So it’s not play on after the siren, but it still would be for during quarters?

What’s to stop players doing it anywhere on the field? I know it’s a dumb question, but I’ve no doubt someone will do it eventually…and they’ll change the rule again.


Why is that a problem? Keeping the ball in your forward line is a result of pressure from the forward players and good team systems. What’s wrong with that?


The rule/intent is correct, it’s the interpretation by the umpires that has ruined it.


A good, well written rule shouldn’t have any need for interpretation.


Truish - there can be an element of commonsense - so to your point, is that the case for this rule?

If you’re wired negatively …
then of course you’ll hate the rule changes, because that’s what you do. But they are actually very good.


What did you think of the new rules?


Love them

227 votes


Like them

548 votes


Not fussed

509 votes


Leave the rules alone

1101 vote

You survey is slanted just your stupid face and sliding doors Barrett. Most of us real fans ■■■■■■■ hate the ■■■■■■■ new rules!


No jumping from the side will control this. It’s all a case of common sense rulings by umpires without the need for idiotic nominations by players. If the penalty for breaking the rule is severe enough, the players will quickly learn what is a RUCK contest.


Easy to rewrite this rule to make it black and white. Just change it so you can’t slide in feet first (you know the actual dangerous thing). Done, easy, no problems