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So the AFL change the rules regarding rookie selections so clubs can list players who have previously spent time on an AFL list without these players nominating for the draft. Initially it was the Mumford/Zac Clarke rule - meaning the player had spent a year off an AFL. Not less than a week later it seems the rule has already moved. It looks like Mav Weller will get to Richmond under this rule despite only getting delisted this year by St Kilda.

This surely opens up a massive can of worms. As usual they haven’t thought this through. If a player retires and gets delisted and then doesn’t nominate for the draft there seems to be nothing stopping him from coming out of retirement and ending up at a new club.


“supplementary rules” :laughing:


supplementary scandal, rules & regs dungeon, offsite invention facilities


Ha, this whole thing started when Mal Michael “retired” and came to us instead. Around and around we go.


It is all explained here .


Amazing when you see that just how poor the AFL and some of the club’s decision making is. China, AFLX and the Suns are right up there.


■■■■ geriatric whinger Bartlett off.
What the AFL rules committee needs is a nerd who will ask awkward questions.
DJR, your time is now.
And I mean that in the nicest possible way.


Next year the AFL will have one draft pick each day from the day after the granny until the night before Round 1. Draft hopefuls will be contained within a giant Colosseum for the duration where they will battle each other a la the Hunger Games. Gil will be the wanker with the ponytail.


Thanks for that link. He was pretty lenient on Gill and the rest of those fuckwits given what he could have said.

Edit: haha - a victory of Aussie vernacular over the USA’s nanny swear filter.


"Now, I’m no scientist, but I don’t think that’s how light works. "



Why does every idea seem even worse than the last?


I think that they should get every listed AFL player to stand in a line on the MCG, then the captains can take turns choosing players. A few people can take off their jumpers, lay them on the grass, and we can pretend they are goalposts. Then we bring out a flat footy and someone has to run down to Jeff’s shed to rummage around and find a bike pump. Once they are ready to start, they can play until they are a bit puffed out, and someone’s mum can open up the fridge and give each player a sunnyboy.


I will be supporting “Team Overweight” captained by Stringer.


■■■■■■■ hell




I’ll be supporting “Team Past-it” captained by Harry Taylor…


What about a Team Vanilla where there’s no indigenous players?


here’s an idea: Team Victoria vs Team South Australia…


l look forward to the day when the AFaiL announces an end to AFLX. Of course no one at HQ will ever admit it is a failure, but what an abomination of our great game.


Destroying the fine tradition and history of our great national game of AFLX.