AFL - Good Ideas, Terrible Ideas, Too Many Ideas, No Idea


I’m so disgusted that I’m going to leave the country to avoid AFLsux.

I will only fly back in (to Sydney) on the day of round one of the real stuff.


ACB ruins Cricket, AFL wants in!


Don’t laugh.

Gil personally came up with that idea back a few years as an exhibition game and it was ridiculed and then scrapped.
Can’t find the link tho


Team Speed - a team made up from the fastest players
Team Skill - a team made up from the indigenous players, and
Team Gil - a team made up from the biggest f*ckwits.

I wonder what the 4th team will be?


I hope all our players are on Team Ignored and don’t get chosen for this rubbish.


Yeah but dangerfield captains team speed the model is already broken


There was a time I wished we had traded for Dangerfield big time. Now I’m glad we didn’t. Though it makes you wonder that he supposedly took less cash at Geelong, but must be getting paid a tonne to be an AFL stooge.


Team Zooper obviously


Made up of players most resembling an ice block?



Surely there would be a Dooper team too? Imagine the building tension and witty by-play as they build through the day to the big Zooper-Dooper clash.

(Sadly, you can probably imagine certain commentators doing exactly that.)




Speed and skill are two attributes you need to be successful in the game, so carrying that tradition into naming the next two teams…

Team Duck captained by Joel Selwood
Team Dive captained by Alex Rance


Not a joke, apparently

Oh and Betts’ team is called the Deadlys and will be made up only of indigenous players. So you know that whole schoolyard pick thing that the AFL loves? Yeah, not so much…

Logic AFL style:

  1. Come up with bad idea
  2. Immediately undermine bad idea


Also, apparently each team is only 14 players in total, with only 8 on the field!

I can’t see what could possibly go wrong with this


I might be wrong, but do I detect a faint whiff of nonplussedness amongst some about AFLX?


Isn’t that the same as last year (except they caved late and allowed 20+ squads last year)?

I went to the thing and all I remember is the mime. He was good.


Well one thing is for sure, afl house isn’t short on yes men



I think they’re all looking at Gill as he tells them his amazing aflx plan and asks them how excited they are about it


With the new AFLX Power-Ranger outfits the AFL are clearly targeting the pre-school market because the AFL is a very inclusive organisation focused on integrity. Toddlers are consumers too and I think the negativity on here is dissin’ these little people’s human rights.