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That’s very good doe


this has to be some sort of gag, surely?



Are players able to excuse themselves from the “draft” for this rubbish? If people are resistant to State of Origin due to the potential for injury to players, imagine the shitstorm if someone does an ACL during AFLX? Hopefully the “Windy Hill flu” sweeps through the Hangar the day before the draft.


Now that is just sad.
Will someone please remove Gil and his mates before they turn our game into a laughing stock.


100% a part of the Marvel stadium agreement
This reminds me of Baseketball, but it’s not a pisstake, unfortunately its real life


Would love to know the amount of money disney are pumping into the AFL. it must be huge


Any money they are wasting would be far better spent on grassroots footy and women’s footy. Gil the dill seems to think the footy world consists of AFL, under 18 players and the amateur comp. If they keep paying such scant regard to grassroot footy the whole pipeline of perspective players will get a lot thinner.


a State of Origin seiries with state league players would be awesome.


I was about to say what next? But I am afraid to ask. May the force be with them.


I wonder what Port think of the jumper on the left…


I was thinking Hawthorn may be looking at their options to sue based on copyright given the one Fyfe is wearing.



Gil as The Gimp with rubber ball gag.

An image that came to mind…easily.



-edit- if anything, the footy itself is an inconvenience for him


Those jumper designs are akin to really bad puns. Do I hate them because they are so terrible, or do I love them because they are so terrible?

My brain is broken.


P.S. The games will be played at the lighting level shown in those photos.


Our players better not get injured playing this shyte.


For players to willingly become Cartoon characters??

Yeah, it’d have to be a heapa.


I watched for 5 minutes last year, and instantly thought,…If they can’t play at full intensity, then whats the point?

It will still be exactly the same. Players playing carefully,… gently, desperate not to get hurt, … and as long as that’s the case, it won’t matter which jumpers they make them wear, or how much BS promotion they do, … it will remain a joke, & won’t be worth diddly.


Would rather see EFC players play state of origin games than this tripe. At least they would mean something.