AFL - Good Ideas, Terrible Ideas, Too Many Ideas, No Idea


It was a dead set fartking stupid idea in the first place. Surely this is just an attempt to kill it off and save face


Just blow the farking thing up. The sooner we accept that it’s wrecked the better.


Am I the only parent of youngsters that sees this?


I see this:




I can’t help but see this, …


Well this explains where Team Rampage comes from!


I think everyone accepts that it’s wrecked, except the AFL




They should turn the lights off, make 'em all wear Tron-style neon gear, put all four teams on the park at the same time, have four sets of goals, and MULTI-BALL!

I still wouldn’t pay money to watch it though.


Maybe this should be for the PC thread, but wouldn’t this be something that would have been championed in the US Deep South and in apartheid South Africa? How is this a “good idea” for the modern world?


I don’t really understand the point you are trying to make.


Are you meaning in reverse?


Maybe being a tad over sensitive there Albert.


Maybe but don’t you think selecting a team based on race is a little bit, you know, racist?

It used to be called segregation.


Have to agree.

You can’t go preaching inclusiveness and then have separate teams with one based on race which is divisive.

It’s the indigenous community who ultimately should be up in arms over this.


So Steve was just a puppet for Garry.


Just to show that it’s not racist, the afl should have them coached by Dipper.


I hope none of our players get injured in this 1 night only Gils club jerk fest.