AFL - Good Ideas, Terrible Ideas, Too Many Ideas, No Idea


Not really. A celebration maybe.


How the hell has the AFL managed to avoid doing something completely stupid for 15 days.


Don’t tempt fate Ivan


They’re all on leave Ivan. It’s hard to completely fark up the league from the comfort of their beach chairs (though I’m sure they’re nonetheless trying…)


But the news cycle! Surely Steve and Gill left their random thought bubbles for a slow news days list for the interns to trot out at designated times


They are fully focused on AFLX.


Come on Ivan! It’s not like it’s a 52 week business or anything!

It’s a 50 week business :grinning:. These are always the two weeks they take off (they probably make all the staff take leave too). I’m sure 9am Monday morning there will be an article about a proposed reform which would let players get 12 points for kicking a goal over your head or something


SEN callers will be outraged
Veterans will come out and state the AFL should just leave the game alone
Twitter will go crazy
Forum users will cry…

And nothing will happen


Or… in line with what happened with the mega goal square that they introduced by stealth, they’ll announce that the unpopular 12 point over the head goal rule change won’t be proceeded with. And also in a completely unrelated matter, players who kick a goal over their heads will be now awarded a second kick for goal from the goal line


It’s polo season in Palm Beach Florida.
And the corporate boxes at the tennis to organise.


They are surely cooking something massive. My guess is Gill will come back more bronzed than ever and with an even worse idea. For me it could be any of the following:

a) a geriatric league to take the AFL back to the halcyon day’s of the 70s and 80s given all the rules in the world can’t achieve this result
b) AFL: The Musical - as this is the only way they could possibly produce a product that is more choreographed and manufactured than the type of football they think they want played
c) announcing a takeover of Cricket Australia on the basis they are even more of a shambolic sporting organisation
d) Patrick Dangerfield to succeed Gil as the boss and to officially combine his current co roles as player and chief decision maker for the league
e) officially launch the 19th and 20th clubs to be based in China and India


Haha! Great post! I Particularly liked this one:


Actually looking forward to AFL: The Musical.
In particular the moving duet “Hands in the Back”, the charming but nonsensical patter song “Prior Opportunity”, and the all time crowd favourite singalong “Ball!”.


I was working on a tragic opera called "Kickett"for a bit.


I am excited about the opera we are doing for the AFL called “We’re doing it our way and the rest of you can get stuffed.”

Combining the songs ……………We don’t listen to what anyone says. Who gives damn anyway. ASADA you are our Amada. Confessions of a hidden narcissistic personality. I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine. Gill you are my pill. Why I want to shack up at AFL house.

Its coming along nicely.


What? Have you dropped Danking beats Tanking, … and Pharma Illogically Yours?


Love it. Its an on-going opera and we are just getting started.

Danking, tanking and the big spanking for those into a bit of S and M. There is also Kicking the crap out of you while smiling sweetly, Don’t argue with me because I’m never wrong, Who said I give a dam, Why can’t you just accept I’m right, Change it and Where ever there’s an opportunity count me in.


Whatever happens, … you have to include the DJ Dance classic, “Because fark you, That;s Why!!”, … everybody loves that one.


That’s my favourite with the big spank.


I am the very model of an executive officer
I’ve got my finger in more pies than Jamie ■■■■■■■ Oliver
Need twelve clubs to veto and I have fourteen in my pocket but
I’ve never met an auditor with anything to monitor

If I get unpopular my brother’s in the media
And if there’s still a problem I just call the Age’s gossiper
Where the money goes it would confound the great philosophers
When I change a rule I always consult my astrologer

I’ve never been accused of ever mixing up a metaphor
I have my finger on the pulse of the social thermometer
When my friends get gropey I have packages to offer her
Concussion is a myth so just ignore the stupid coroner

In short in matters corrupt, dishonourable and dodgier
I am the very model of an executive officer!

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