AFL - Good Ideas, Terrible Ideas, Too Many Ideas, No Idea


Oh very good.


Casting this epic is giving me a few issues though.
Especially with holographic performances by the departed a possibility these days.
Can’t seem to get past;

Lady Gaga as Gil.
Hugh Jackman as James Hird
Late period Joan Crawford as SHWNBN
Dean Martin as Brian Taylor, with a cameo by Sammy Davis Jnr as Eddy Betts
Young Mickey Rooney as Razor Ray Chamberlain.
Is Peter Allen too obvious a choice for Bruce?


Hmm, I’d cast Chris Hemsworth as Hird, … Robbie Coltrane as Fat Vlad,… and Jabba the Hut for the Hag…


WTF !!! Deano was/is all style and poise and all so cool. Brian Taylor is anything but. Go with John Candy for Taylor.


an excellent effort by @wimmera1


Our great Wimkado virtuous man


It’s okay. I use finger twice, which isn’t great, and I do apologise for the inadvertent pun towards the end.


Can’t pick the inadvertent pun, but I’m glad to see you are still searching for that extra 1% improvement. We can earn learn from that great editor to “leave out the bits we don’t need”.


I’d have rethought packages, given my time again.




Disagree. John Candy was funny.

BT is as funny as SIDS. Has to be Jack Black.




Brilliant, Wim.



Add the personality from Mommy Dearest.
I’ll stick by this casting choice




With the new kickin rules am I right in assuming you can’t be pinged for kicking over the line? It would be considered playing on yeah?


If you consider heart attacks, or big steaming turds in your coffee humorous, then maybe.
But otherwise, just no.


Always felt Hufflepuff missed out here. Sounds like a geriatric jogger and their mascot is a badger? Please, give me the quidditch wooden hoop and get it over with!


I’m sure the AFL will confirm with everyone about this after Round 5.


Hufflepuff have their school bags kicked down the corridor by the other three houses while they yell out, ‘Stop iiiiiiit! Come on, you guuuuys!’