AFL - Good Ideas, Terrible Ideas, Too Many Ideas, No Idea


You nailed it.



However I would like to claim a little piece of credit for raising the possibility of AFL: The musical!


What about Derek & Clive as two Blitzers.


Excellent suggestion.
“Do the eyes follow you round the room” reminds me of many a Blitz discussion.


With those colors, they always finish third and just miss the final.

The blue teams always finishes last and gets the wooden hoop.


Replace Dean Martin with Tom Selleck for BT and that’s a good list.


When I was picturing Dean Martin it was not the suave years - it was the car crash TV of the latter days of the Dean Martin show when, by the end of each episode, the words would come out in some sort of slurred random order, and the bar stool was an essential tool for keeping Dean from face planting.

But failing that, Slim Pickens.


More than happy to hand the credits over to you. Clap, clap, clap.


I’m seeing Fat Vlad being played by Andy Garcia…


Magda Szybanski, for mine!


Garcia in a fat suit I meant…


Couldn’t we bring back meatloaf to play vlad?


I’ll give you that one. Excellent. And I got the pun.

But surely writing something that rhymes and scans sets an undesirable precedent.


AD hasn’t got a SENSE OF HUMUS. Magda has and some.


Humus is the dark organic matter that forms in soil when dead plant and animal matter decays

Oh, you have no idea how badly I wish that AD had a sense of humus… Fark that fat ■■■■…


They’re back! Pink balls. Or is it pink bits…


Can we take a moment to appreciate that no AFL player or club ever gets to use potential injury as an excuse not to play SOO again?

Also, ■■■■ this travesty.


Hahaha. Oh man. That’s a good one. Let’s make them wear tutus while we’re at it perhaps?

@ivan @DJR check this sh/t out


My cold sweat broke within minutes of this announcment. I’m greatly relieved.


From the article:

Ah the good old days of AFLX that everyone knows and loves, we’ve just gotta keep that spirit alive!

These guys live on a different fkn planet I swear