AFL - Good Ideas, Terrible Ideas, Too Many Ideas, No Idea


You’ll tune into Noonsy re-arranging socks?

Boy, you must hate talking to your family


I will go to aflx if they pay me and give me free drinks


Is that “before hating AFLX” became cool?
Or before AFLX “became cool”?

The first was indeed a very short window of opportunity- kudos.
The second period of time promises to be the term for a new geological era.


It is made less interesting by the fact that I bought a pack of 8 pairs of identical white short socks at Costco a few months ago. So getting them into the same pairs that I bought them in is a mathematical problem of giant proportions.

They’re my summer socks.


I hope we get a thread with live updates of this sock draw sorting


Lucky the AFL has a full time media department. It allows them to retrospectively reflect on the best Grand Final entertainment the AFL has organised.



No, really.

What do you mean sarcastic ■■■■■■■?



The 3 Stooges??

A Rose between two Scumbags? :thinking:


I think it’s great that they’re giving homeless people tickets to the tennis.


Who is that in the middle (seriously)? Mrs McLachlan, Mrs Mo?


Also that hat is like waaaaay too small for ScoMo’s fat head


that gillon guy makes me farken sick.


What they need is a roof over their heads, but they put them into Rod Laver Arena with the roof opened.





Is it wrong that I am filled with irrational, uncontrollable thoughts of violence and rage whenever I spy that smug, arrogant, poncey private schoolboy’s head? Every thing wrong with AwFuL these days is directly attributable to Dill in some way.
I honestly wish ill-will towards him, and will take immense pleasure from anything bad which besets him.
There’s very few people that I think that lowly of.
Perhaps I should get myself seen to…


nope. i’m the same. he’s a grub.


I dread to think what bright idea Gill will come up with after watching the tennis.
Hopefully it’s something inane but relatively harmless, like ball boys/ ball girls, or more Paddle Pop sales outlets.
But history indicates we could be in for more visionary flights of fancy.


These clowns reckon 5 times as many kids went to aflx last year than went to regular season games. That stats sounds unbelievably contrived.

For a start the attendances were all well below season average and I have a vague recollection that they let kids in for free.

I suspect the true stat is something like the crowd ratio of kid to adult was 5 times higher.

Nevertheless they have concluded the aflx was very popular with young people.

Man I wish a few journos would ask searching questions rather than just let these peanuts sprout complete bullshit.


Ask a kid if they’re looking forward to AFLX.