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Searching questions on AFLX. It’s a bit like in-depth analysis of a Hagar cartoon. You could try it, but what’s the point?


You all secretly love that AFLX is going ahead.


For six teams in one day.
In Melbourne.

Maybe the problem is the venue.
Ballarat would friggin’ smash that.

Edit: Less than 10k in Sydney. Good effort, that. Considering it was just barely over 10k in Adelaide.


Had glanced at that story in a discarded Hun.
Went to the Awful site to check, and what’s the lead story?
A February 2008 story about the experienced Eagles overrunning an inexperienced FarkCarlton in a preseason game.



Working for the AFL 101

  • Never let the truth get in the way of a good story.
  • Tell a story and stick to that story forever
  • Cut down and ridicule anyone who claims your story is rubbish


Have they actually said that? That is so disingenuous that it almost sounds made up.

It’s funny also that the original aim of AFLX was to appeal to kids and to be the AFLs version of the Big Bash. Remind me how the Big Bash is going this year again?


Who are more incompetent, the AFL administration or the Australian cricket team selection committee?


To be fair, Big Bash has destroyed one day cricket and is destroying test cricketers, so it has achieved something of note.

AFLsuX has not… yet.


Trick question. It’s Cricket Australia’s administration. Take for example these clangers:

  • suspend your best 2 and most marketable players for a year because you created a toxic win at all costs attitude
  • put your national team matches behind a paywall
  • continue to employ the rubbish selection committee


I’ve said this before, but I really don’t see why “good ideas” should be part of the thread title. What good ideas have the AFL had this century?
Can someone fix this? Who are mods these days?

@theDJR ?
@saladin ?


I’m not sure the title of this thread is at the top of the priority list for modding concerns.

Actually, I know it’s not.


It was a quote from some high-level manager in the hun today. He justifying spending 360k on it in player wages or something


You and I need to launch a coup Ivan and take the joint over. I’m happy for you to be CEO. I can be Junior Vice President



Sounds good. I propose a lucrative salary bonus scheme based on how much we leave the game the fark alone and how many days we can keep our names out of the paper


I hope they can’t even give away 10k tickets in a month’s time


You mean it’s not sold out yet.

no way


I’m going to go back to the start of this thread and shame all those who thought AFLX would be good and/or wanted to watch it. There are a lot of you, be afraid…:grinning:


how is this working with these whacky super hero teams? are they in their own group or will they be playing against us et al?


Ha, I’ve got about 50% more posts than anyone else… I think the only nice thing I said about AFLsuX was about the mime artist they had on the boundary at the Docklands game. He was very good.