AFL - Good Ideas, Terrible Ideas, Too Many Ideas, No Idea


Does that mean you went to the game?!



AFLsux admission fees
Kids under 10 free

AFL preseason
Kids under 5 free

G/A and reserved seating more expensive for Preseason (unless you’re a member)

One is held in capital cities, at central sporting venues.
One is held in places like Colac, Shepparton, and Geraldton.

AFL - “Lots more kids turned up to AFLsux than went to ■■■■■■■ Colac” (just in some cases - our Geelong game was over 9000, Bears vs Sydley AFLsux just broke 10,000)

With stats comparisons like these, comparing apples and oranges to get a predetermined answer, I’m surprised Gil & co aren’t already managing a major bank, or Clive Palmers new NZ business.


So you can keep on posting about AFLX?




I think thou doth protest too much @SMJ

Very sus


Notes for Jan 22.

  • Brexit thread keeps talking about republic. Why!?

  • Heard a Gelati van. I need one, retirement plan, talk to bank manager?

  • Camera lenses must need a clean. I can see blotches of colour. Dave will be upset.

  • Found a redback spider on the motorcycle. Not good! Get some damn baygon.

  • Seriously, someone thinks Aus cricket selectors have been good!? Lol. Blitz eh?

  • Do I have time for a bourbon with Wim?

  • Bomb Doe keeps picking on me. I should do something about that. Where’d I put that hammer? Haven’t seen it since Trippergate.


Would this qualify as a good idea?


Wow… not sure how they let that one slip through


I’ve seen that look before. Gil’s in about hour #2 of the comedown from a 4 day coke bender


ahem< I think you meant to say “AFL Executive Ideas Retreat”.


Started at Portsea Polo two Sat’s ago and hasn’t stopped!


Don’t worry there is ulterior motive. They see providing more coverage to the under 18s as a way to spike interest in the draft. That means more $$$$ by continuing to sell the draft as a prime time extravaganza.


Looks like a good idea for TLA and Craig Kelly. It should mean they rake in even more dollars from the AFL while also restricting other player agents from getting their hands on the best under 18 talent.

I’m certain this is yet another example of the AFL not running a competitive process before handing something out to one of their mates. Between fat Ned and fat Hutchy the AFL sure like handing out cheap assets that can lead to fat cheques for their friends.


I knew it. Makes total sense.




And if a team is 17 points behind at the final siren, the red wiggle will run onto the ground and take a shot on their behalf from the 15cm line, that if successful is worth 16 points.


I actually thought that AFailX was pretty crap and that surely they couldn’t make it crappier…I was wrong.


Gimmick a gimmick.
Just give us a 25 game season, half points in the first of the double ups or 25 on the bench for the first few games.


How many marketing wankers and focus groups did they hold to come up with this ■■■■? And they think they can take this bastardised form of the game overseas as the “T20 of AFL”? As they say the fish rots at the head. Gill has to be the worst AFL CEO ever…


Bahahaha, you could not make this ■■■■ up. What a bunch of farken arsehats the AFL are.

Add excitement?

Tie Hocking to the goal post and spear drop kicks at him from 10m out, that will get me excited.