AFL - Good Ideas, Terrible Ideas, Too Many Ideas, No Idea


Such great news about Gill’s latest brain fart, conveyed to us by the Rsole that at the height of the media bashing in the Saga was awarded our #1 jumper.


and that’s Numberwang!


Far out, just say, with one minute to go all scores reset to guarantee a close game. Not more far fetched really. Or just play 2 minute games.


Gatorade are seriously paying for this ■■■■. What about poor old zooper dooper - did they go the way of a good idea, ie the bin.


After Vlad he had a lot of work to do but fark he is doing a good job at taking the mantle.

This has to be the stupidest idea ever. But now the AFL have doubled down there is literally no way out - unless the players want. However that’s highly unlikely as unfortunately there are always going to be money hungry whores like Dangerfield that will continue to cash these cheques.


Always the Australian cricket team selection committee


Who gave that flog those ■■■■■■■ likes?


When do they need to nominate the “game changer”?* At the start of the game (they are very short games, after all)?

I hope they get injured before the last five minutes (and aren’t one of us).

*The correct answer, of course, is that the AFL probably hasn’t documented this yet.


A zooper goal kicked by the Gatorade game changer let’s all celebrate by getting diabetes


I’m waiting for the AFL to announce “Chewy On Your Boot”.

The opposition nominates an opposition player who has to kick with chewy on their boot.


The AwFuL reckon they are marketing this dog-and-pony show for the kids. I’m sure their marketing ponytails have researched it thoroughly.
I will say only this - if this is the s h i t that the youth of today wants and is interested in, then the human race is utterly, utterly farked for the future…


Underrated post!

For those who aren’t familiar with the reference:


But Gatorade’s got electrolytes but


All the better to remove your teeth enamel.


“If you look at the sports right throughout the world, there’s certain players that people follow. They don’t follow teams as such, but actual players," Hocking said.

Well that’s us told on Blitz!
■■■■■■■ hell.
A new benchmark for the stupidest thing ever said by the AFL.
I ■■■■■■■ despair.
Oh well.
Suggestions start now for the renaming of Bomber Blitz.
And every ■■■■■■■ club in the competition


Is this walking, talking testicle the man who the AwFuL has anointed as the logical successor to Dill? Jesus H… It’s as if they had a competition to unearth the most unlikable, incomprehensible, out of touch, gormless arsehat they could find. I think they may well have succeeded…


The memo from afl has come through…

Forget international expansion, AFLX should be the AFL’s All-Star game and it’s what the fans want

Ben Higgins, Herald Sun

26 minutes ago

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One young man in the office said it best, unless it’s State of Origin people are going to hate it.

The AFLX was introduced disastrously last year and has been bagged mercilessly since. Perhaps quite rightly.

But now the new format provides exactly what the AFL has been crying out for for years, an All-Star game.




You wonder how many of those hating AFLX will happily tune in to the NBA hit-and-giggle All-Star game later this month?

No, it’s not State of Origin. Sadly, that is seemingly dead.

However, the new four-team format - outside the gimmicky nicknames and logos - can one day be a pre-season showpiece of the best our native game has to offer.

Geelong’s Patrick Dangerfield will captain one team. Picture: Alan Barber

Adelaide’s Eddie Betts will captain another AFLX team.

Forget international expansion. It’s hated by traditionalists and is laughed at by outsiders.

AFLX should be used as an All-Star game, a one-day footy extravaganza.

Accept the different rules as a bit of fun and while you’d prefer the game was played on an oval, the square ground does add an different element.

Undoubtedly, this will be an unpopular point of view as social media isn’t exactly forgiving of differing ideas.

Yet, given time and the right type of marketing and buy-in from players, this can become an important fixture on the AFL calendar.

After all that’s exactly why State of Origin died, players and clubs didn’t want to risk injury.

Imagine Jack Riewoldt taking on Alex Rance in an All-Star game.

Last year, few if any big names turned out for AFLX.

Clubs didn’t much care for it and the JLT Series is when we get to look at each club’s youngsters and new faces.

AFLX should be when the big names step out and the format reduces the risk of serious injury.

And unlike the Grand Final, the game can easily be played across the country from year-to-year.

How good will it be to see the likes of Dustin Martin and Patrick Cripps teaming up in the midfield or Rory Laird charging through half-back and delivering to Jack Riewoldt?

There’s no doubt this year is make or break for the idea and the AFL may finally have got it right.


Oh, stop it please! Stop it now! I swear my sides are splitting with laughter…
I expect Ben Higgins will find himself a job with the AwFuL before the year’s out…


Wtf is Eddie Betts wearing a shirt with Ming the Merciless’ moustache on it



I think the communications professional missed the bit where AFLsuX is really quite awful to watch.

It will evolve (though if the AFL insist on hand-picked and flavoured teams it may not do so very well) but there’s no evidence yet that will be to a game with any physical contests. It could go the other way and be even less relevant.