AFL - Good Ideas, Terrible Ideas, Too Many Ideas, No Idea


Reads like he has already transitioned.


is the silver footy back this year?


The goldfish at AFL headquarters clearly have forgotten about this example of taking an amazing Australian product and completely butchering it with a new version that the public just didn’t demand or want.



There’s nothing in this for defenders!

I reckon any mark or defensive action on the goal line by a designated defender which prevents a score, should mean a deduction of the opposition’s score by a factor of two, ie, whatever the prevented score would have been.

I think we could come up with all sorts of ideas like this.


This is one of the problems.
It’s just (meant to be) a bit of fun, not taken seriously.
Therefore nobody cares.


Ben had such a promising career as a journalist. Sadly it was taken from him in the very next paragraph


All I can think of is new and improved! Bbq shapes.


If nothing else the last 24hrs has filed me with hope that what we are seeing now is the death throes of aflx as they realise that the monstrosity they’ve created is getting absolutely zero traction in the market so they are madly throwing petrol on its quickly dimming flame.


It’s not the AFL’s style to backdown. Knowing how they operate, once it’s done this year they may just never mention it again. They will work on their assumption the public is so dumb that we will just forget it ever happened.


What do you guys think of AFLX?


There has probably been more time wasted by Blitz users sooking, posting and reading other people complaining about AFLX, than the duration of the games and draft this year.

It’s a preseason comp aimed at kids.

It’s a game designed to played overseas.

Get over it.

It’s not being rammed down your throat.


Nothing wrong in trying to do something if there is a purpose behind it. Tapping into the kiddy-family friendly wham-bam sporting market is logical given the Big Bash success. But is a single event going to do it? If not then what’s the point?

You’d get bigger bang for buck if they streamed the intra-club matches. Are the JLT matches telecast?


Not rammed down our throats. Why are they marketing it at all then where we can see it.


Hi Gil hi


Next year will be a full “we’ve listened” campaign, everything will be exactly the same except the 4 teams will be WA/SA/Vic/Allies

And the ball will be metallic pink.


You obviously didn’t read Monday’s training thread and the discussion about our captain’s marking


That’s fine until you consider that big bash, as the bite sized version of cricket, takes about the same length of time as a full blown game of footy (if not a bit longer).

The Aussie rules package was already deliverig what the market wanted.


That was my suspicion as soon as they announced this re-jig of the format.


Yep. This is just arrogance from an executive who really do believe they are meant to, and able to, make a good thing better.

First line of the hippocratic oath = “do no harm”


That would be a massive improvement.