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Because AFLX is as ridiculous a concept as Flash Gordon*?

*Except without the fun


Ha, I probably don’t get my wish… but it’s even worse. Apparently AFLsuX is too fast-paced, because:

“After teams nominate their game changers with five minutes to play, the match will stop for 30 seconds for game changers to get in position, with the team in possession to retain the ball after the break. If the ball is in dispute, the umpire will throw it up where the game was stopped.”

So many things I could say about that… I hope a team is denied the winning goal by this “extra quarter-ending siren”.


Just to be clear, this is not an @Bomb_Doe special


There was me thinking the ball would be metallic pink, not the X itself.

Honestly if you tried to make up a satire of an idiotic sporting league admin, you couldn’t do worse than this.

“I went to the superbowl first class every year for a decade, and all I got was this ■■■■■■■ idiotic waste of time idea”


That is…




I’ve just made the decision to watch it. This has got solid gold schadenfreude written all over it.


So looking forward to Blitz’s match day thread.


It will be quiet because surely only @Go_Team_2.0 will watch it


That’s an old photo. The ball is actually going to be pink. And the X on the ball is going to be silver as a ‘throwback’ to last season. Announced a few weeks back.

Again, can’t make this sh/t up


Yep, Flesh Gordon was much funner.


When is it on ?


22nd Feb at 7pm


Probably just me but seems like the Aussie version of the American version of ‘all the fun of the fair’.


Is that red thing one of the characters from Yo Gabba Gabba? If not, it should be - it would improve things immeasurably…


Since Vladislavs reign, has the afl ever had one single idea that wasn’t based on some daft trip to the states.

Apart from executives needing to wear doffable jaunty hats to the races.


That’s where you are wrong. People will post multiple times about how they are not watching it. Some will post how they are watching it and hating it. A debate will break about about who hates it more.


I like how it seems to annoy so many people here.

When AFLX news breaks, I imagine they kind of feel like I do when I see the DJ King thread at the top of the Dustin Fletcher Hanger.




Patrick Dangerfield, maybe Gil’s next apprentice. There’s an ugly thought.


Why dontcha mute the thread?