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There’s something similar but may be some what more graphic


Remember when the AFL told us the club’s only wanted two preseason games? I think we have 6 clubs now organising an extra match outside of the jlt series.

Pies v Dees
Cats v Norf
Hawks v Blues

It’s almost as if the AFL made up some bullshit to jam this aflx rubbish into the fixture. Surely not…?




Teams used to regularly play multiple practise matches in addition to the official pre season comp, even when it was a round robin, up until maybe a decade ago.

It was the clubs who wanted less practise matches, but apparently not every club.


Are you saying Aflx should be payed at Skinner reserve as a ‘throwback’


I think they should throwback to a time before AFLX existed so that they don’t have to play it at all


Just stop…


Cocaine is a really nasty drug kids. Nasty…


Jack Watts in lederhosen - make it happen.


Oh for ■■■■’s sake.
Just call it NFL and leave us alone.




As long as this type of fancy dress happens, I’m all for it;


I’ve never noticed the rob stitch similarity


I reckon clubs would prefer a practice match to a JLT game in some scenarios. More room to be flexible - shorter quarters, team restrictions (e.g. port v Crows doing an under 23s game), no tv coverage.


That may well be true.


Players wanted two games. Preseason used to start early Feb and end mid March.
Coaches want more match fitness opportunity.

Players also wanted state of origin. But coaches and clubs don’t want that.
So we have AFLX as a pho all star game.


Now I’m imagining Patty Dangerfield in a nice noodly broth.


That is an awesome spelling of nancy-pancy faux, and I’m stealing it.


It’s meant to have a curly noodly looking accent thing on the O.

Pho with a “^” on the O means ‘street’. Don’t ask for beef street, veeeery different type of noodle.


That’d be Pho Thit Nuong then?

(Or as Anglos would say it - “Fer Tit Nong”)