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Pho sure.


Chad wingard ruled out of aflx due to a “calf problem”

First of many you’d think


Second of many?

May already replaced with Gresham, Wingard replaced with Jack Martin, now Gray replaced with Rockliff.


I work at a University and the AFL have given “complimentary tickets” to Staff for AFLX. Gosh they must be desperate! I’ve managed to secure 12 with the express purpose of destroying them in the hope I can save 12 people from seeing this.


It’s free for kids. Looks like the AFL are making it free for adults too.


That’s the thing though, they make AFLW free, but still have the audacity to charge for AFLX


How much money is going into this that could have otherwise been put towards AFLW?




They are also giving away 2 free tickets to parents of each kid in Auskick.

Looks like if you pay to attend as an adult, you’re a mug.




Or grass roots clubs or the medical insurance fund for ex players etc etc etc


First time I have agreed with Peter Gordon. He has come out slamming the AFL for wasting money on this rubbish. Expecting a retraction very soon once head office lets him know they are cancelling their cheques.


To be fair to the AFL, FFA makes them look good by comparison. NRL, too, make them look good.

Damn low bar to clear though. You could stumble over it half-cut.

Confidently expect David Gallop to take over from Gil the Dill though.


You really shouldn’t joke about that Noonan


When was the last time AFL hired anyone from outside? They anoint people 10 years out, and train them up through the hierarchy.


Wayne Jackson?


Yep, seems to be.
Adrian Anderson was an external hire and got to 2IC before “resigning”


They all know each other from the scones and cream down at VAFA HQ at Elsternwick Park.


“Anoint” as in sprayed with skunk juice.

In answer to your question, I would have said Gill, who was parachuted in after the inner cabal decided to eject Anderson (the previously Anointed One). I see reading further that you have also pointed out Anderson “resigning”.

For those with short memories, this was about a week after he announced that a very large part of Judd’s salary that FCFC wanted to hide would actually be counted in their salary cap.

Coincidence? Hmmm…


Ross Oakley was an outsider.