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That would make no sense. As you said sides can aim to get a second bounce. Plus umpires mis-bounce the ball enough for a second bounce to be needed.


When there’s a bad bounce, I think the 666 rule resets as the bad bounce is the umpire’s fault, but when the bounce is good and the players create the need for a secondary bounce, there’s a difference.

As cynics like me and 100000 others have said, wait for subsequent rules to fix this new rule.


So many questions: why worse than kickouts? Will they be forced to slow the game by moving to the middle of the ground, and will play on or advantage be paid if they do otherwise? How is the 9m measured — per an (invisible?) extension of the top line of the goal square, or per a 9m radius from the centre of the goals (presumably not marked)?

And most importantly of all, is this actually in the rules? Has it been distributed to the clubs? Or is it an “interpretation”?


Regarding the killing of runners: is shouting (presumably not amplified) still allowed? Should we recruit staff accordingly?


More employment opportunities for town criers?


Don’t all grounds have those LED panels circling the entire boundary line fencing?

Why not use them to send out a message? i.e. rather than hold up a board.


Here’s an opportunity for those Vuvuzela trumpet players to sound off coded musical instructions.


Oh no. Please no. (can you stop now?)

Or maybe yes for the ensuring hilarity when there’s no consistency in said interpretations.


It actually seemed to work reasonably well on Thursday night with basically the ump pulling the player on the mark back which opened up angles a smidge. There wasn’t the drama about setting the mark that I perhaps expected.


Two reasons
AFL is wary of the ‘family unfriendly’ stream of consciousness ‘ messsages that may be displayed
“##@** that **@##& NOW”

And those LED panels have a habit of glitches part way through changes. The backline could be confused by the message
“Move Hooker to Amart”


In days past they used to send messages to troops using bagpipes.


AFL exec currently working on no runner contingency



NRL are going to go with a wildcard finals system for teams 7-10. How long until the AFL follows suit?


So 10 of 16 teams make finals?



I once played in a wild card tournament for the Australian Open. Doesn’t mean I made the Australian Open.


Reckon it will take half a season to see the results of the 6-6-6 - Traditionally the first three or four rounds of a season produce higher scoring, until teams have perfected their defensive tactics.


By putting the bagpipes behind the troops ensuring that they all ran at high speed towards the enemy.


So surprise surprise the AFL 12 person executive took home $10.73m last year including $3.56m in bonuses. I wonder how much of this was linked to AFLX? The executive includes people with titles including General Manager - Strategy and General Manager- Social Policy.

The total AFL staff bill for 2018 was $107.4m against total revenues of $778m. It’s a joke this organisation isn’t taxed on the basis it’s not for profit except if your name is Gil.


Top be fair they hand out at least another $250m to clubs


It’s more galling that the 12 person exec get almost an entire playing lists salary cap