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It’s crazy that less than 35% of revenue goes back to the clubs. The structure way out of whack.


Yep, it takes all year to count all those $1 coins.


If the aflpa were a serious independent union they’d fix that up pretty quick. The players are too stupid to realise they should be funding the union themselves.


Imagine how much good could be done for footy at all levels around the country instead of being spent on those fatcat onanists. (And yes, this post is a minor victory over the US nanny swear filter).


They also used pigeons. Bugles as well. Last Post would be suitable when beaten.


Don’t forget semaphore.
Bit of extra flag waving never went astray.


AFL tweaks interchange boards, 6-6-6 countdown clock looms

Marc McGowan

THE AFL will permit clubs to use their own interchange boards to communicate with players from this weekend after trialling a digital version in the opening JLT Community Series round.

League headquarters introduced the LED-style boards in the wake of the new restrictions on club runners, who can now enter the field only after a goal is scored.

Club feedback is believed to have played a key role in the AFL’s decision, with the main observation being that players had difficulty reading the board because of glare. also understands the AFL plans to introduce a countdown clock on the scoreboard – similar to the set-shot clock – to aid players in moving back into the 6-6-6 starting positions at each centre bounce.

WATCH New interchange display boards unveiled

The hope is the countdown clock will be ready in time for round one, to help avoid the warnings and free kicks for a ‘delay of game’ or ‘line breach’ that were a regular feature in JLT1.

In those cases, teams are required to hold or reset in the 6-6-6 set-up until the umpire gives the ball to the ruckman, whereas players can move freely if a free kick is paid post a centre bounce.

They have 45 seconds to get into their starting positions, with each team required to have six players in each third of the ground, including four in the centre square and one in the goal square.

The countdown clock is expected to begin with 30 seconds remaining.

LIKED THE LOOK Who impressed for your club in JLT1?

An email sent to clubs on Tuesday night, which has seen, outlined the restrictions on what types of boards can be used.

The boards can be a maximum of 800mm x 600mm, only one can be used at a time, no sponsor advertising can be displayed and clubs can determine what the boards are made from and the size of the numbers shown.

A staff member must use the board within their interchange zone and it cannot be attached to a stand or bench infrastructure.

AFL spokesperson Jay Allen confirmed to that clubs would be allowed to use their own boards from this weekend.

“After reviewing the digital interchange boards trial in round one of the JLT, we are giving clubs the option to either continue to use the AFL-issued equipment or introduce their own boards to communicate with players from the interchange bench,” Allen said.

It is not mandatory for clubs to continue to use the digital boards and the email asks those clubs that don’t to return them to the AFL.


Not sure what’s more amazing about that article. The AFL admitting they farked up with their stupid boards or the AFL deciding that we now need a countdown clock to have the school children back in their places before the bounce.


Does that mean the 30 second commercial after a goal will now be a 45 second commercial?


1 ■■■■■■■ week they lasted.

Dumb dumb dumb ■■■■■.


I’d guarantee whichever ■■■■■■■ signed the cheque to some useless consultant for the #smart #bluetooth #blockchain #smart #wireless #solution interchange boards never thought to have a look at them from across a park in sunlight, and at night under lights.

But I bet there’s an absolutely fantastic powerpoint presentation for them.

Tens of thousands of $$$ ■■■■■■ up the wall and they’re going to that other #smart #wireless #solution called A ■■■■■■■ WHITEBOARD $19.99 FROM YOUR LOCAL OFFICEWORKS


So it was Matthew Knights?


yep - not like it wasn’t commented upon either. It was OBVIOUS these things were going to be hard to read.


Leaked image reveals secret trial of state-of-of-the-art-signboard-2.0, with more glare resistance:





Now in no way shape or form am I defending anyone’s salary here, but what benefit for anyone would there be for the AFL paying tax on revenue?

(also ignoring the tax they actually pay such eg GST, payroll, etc)

Insisting on NFPs paying income tax is a very very very very very very very very very very very very very very dangerous can of worms to open.


Apologies for reposting my own post but I’m assuming this qualifies me for a 150K a year job at the AwFuL

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Why should an organisation that is clearly all about profit not pay income tax? The definition of a NFP needs to be amended to capture bodies like the AFL. They aren’t a charity and their tax free status is something that I think needs to be reviewed. The AFL is in the entertainment industry - their competitors pay income tax. The added travesty of this is that they get government handouts to help build new stadiums etc.


Its known as the bend over hand shake. The AFL is a master of it.


They don’t make profit. They have a surplus. Profits get paid out to owners/shareholders. Surplus stays in the organisation. It’s like still having money in your bank account on payday.

Messing with laws around NFP status would without a doubt be abused by ideological influences - religion, unions, preferencing some charitable causes over others, etc.