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The AFL shouldn’t have any say over the commission. That’s where the lines blur and all the governance issues stem from.

The commission is a sock puppet with a rubber stamp.


It would not be surprising at all if that was the end game to the whole thing.

Mo’ money biatches, … more more more!!



Sponsor logos are all over the players jumpers.
And the boards the coaches use at the huddles.
The LED fencing is a continuous procession of ads.
The press conferences have the sponsor filled backdrops.

But for some reason these boards are sacrosanct.

makes no sense


Any organisation that can pay discretionary bonuses based on performance is using a loophole in the NFP definition. As for their surplus they choose how much of it they want to allocate to the clubs who are arguably shareholders of the AFL given the competition wouldn’t exist without the clubs.


I really really hate this idea. ‘More live games’.
Fark that.
If you’re good enough, you make finals - if not - stiff ■■■■.


Hocking now looking at scrapping formal preseason matches to avoid injuries. Apparently injuries are spiking - not that the AFL provided any evidence to support this claim.

I particularly love this claim:

“With several industry events through the summer months, such as induction camps, community camps, AFLX and mandated four-day breaks, the AFL is concerned about players being stretched to the brink, particularly during periods when clubs can’t monitor the players as closely.”

Really wish more people would cal out their bullshit. Well done to Chris Fagan in this case who stated “ From my perspective, why injuries go up in February is because we start to do more contact work at training, and that’s always been the case.”


Clubs are already organising practice matches outside JLT?
I think they mean…

People preferring Football to AFLX prompt AFL to ponder pre-season overhaul -

League’s footy boss won’t rule out making pre-season games unofficial and untelevised to make AFLX the only game in town as part of review.


How about no AFLX instead?




Just further to this point I note that the AFL reported an operating surplus of $467.7m before it deducted ‘grants’ and ‘distributions’ and then arrived at their stated profit of $50m.

  • The AFL provided grants and distributions of $417.3 million in 2018, comprised of the following:
  • $307.2 million to AFL clubs;

  • $46.9 million of primarily state-based game development grants;

  • $36.6 million to the AFLPA;

  • $25.3 million to infrastructure comprising of elite and community facilities and contributions to stadia redevelopments;

  • $1.2 million to corporate and social responsibility initiatives


Aaaaaaand I was 10 rounds too late.

They can’t be seen in the sun! Oh my goodness.

Congratulations on a job well done morons


Well it is a winter sport after all, who would have thunk it?


So why should they pay tax?


Hold on… those boards cost $5,000 EACH?! That’s rediculous.


I ask you why shouldn’t they pay tax?

The AFL is in the business of generating revenue for profits. It’s not like you can argue the AFL is a community sporting organisation when they deal in revenues of almost a billion dollars. What benefit does the community get from the AFL?

Taking a look at the ATO website on what a NFP sporting organisation looks like raises more doubt for me.

To be tax exempt as a sporting organisation you have to apply your income and assets solely for the purpose for which it is established. Now is Gil’s bonus based on setting up AFLX part of the purpose of the AFL? Another issue I see is that they own Marvel Stadium which is rented out for purposes clearly other than the sport of Australian Rules Footy with revenues generated from
Other sources including cricket, concerts and other special events.

Furthermore I can easily argue it fails on one of specific examples raised.

Example – Not for the encouragement of a game or sport

An NFP club’s main operations are providing dining, gaming and leisure facilities at its clubhouse. It gives a yearly grant to an associated rowing club, but is not involved in rowing itself.

It is not exempt.

One could easily argue this is exactly what the AFL does with the clubs and with Marvel.


As soon as they can, no doubt to remove that f’n ridiculous bye week


I’m surprised they were that cheap.


This should be good. Have half-a-dozen boards so you can flip them them up in rapid succession to convey meaningful messages.


I think the marketing team’s lines of cocaine were still on them.


It makes absolute sense.

The AwFL can negotiate sponsors’ signage on their signs for coming seasons. They don’t want those pesky clubs making money in the meantime.