AFL - Good Ideas, Terrible Ideas, Too Many Ideas, No Idea


How many of them have a billion dollar TV contract, take in billions in ticket sales and also hundreds of millions of dollars in sponsorships?

I don’t think there’s any similarity, and any change to legislation should be fairly easy to write to separate genuine charities from quasi-commercial operations like the AFL.


In 1990, Spanish law required all professional football clubs to convert from not for profit status to sports public limited companies. The rationale was to encourage more responsible management. It also meant they were more highly taxed.
The Red Cross has a rule limiting administrative overheads to 10% of budget. The Charities Commission ( ROC) has a strong role in transparency of charities. It is also supposed to have a mandate fot all not for profits but seemingly has not engaged in oversight of non Charities other than Unions.


I could get behind that, depending on who gets classified as the owners.


I imagine the AFL exec would fail to get their remuneration packages approved at an AGM if heartland footy fans could have a say!


So I was having a debate with my wife today - she is a non football fan but works in marketing. Her view was that the AFL should be innovating to ensure it remains as popular as even, using Apple as a comparison.

Now as a died in the wool rusted on footy fan I don’t think this is the case. Personally I would be more than happy for the league to let footy be footy rather than wasting time and effort on side adventures. Do others believe that if left alone the game would continue to sell for generations to come? I believe it would continue to thrive given the strength of the underlying product. Is this right or am I off the mark?


Fat chance of the game being left alone though. Forking Gilligan’s legacy will be one of contrived interference at best.


Here is a crazy idea. If fans got to vote, maybe the AFL execs would start to make decisions for the good of the game instead of coming up with crap and lining their own pockets.


Never take any notice of what any person in marketing says!


That would be so good!


Well im in marketing and i say names on jumpers and twilight GF are no-brainers. A year after they happen nobody will remember any different and we will all be better off for it.
Anyone miss life before the 50m arc or or when every ball up was a bounce down?


I miss the hell out of the umpires being able to perform their most basic skill to anything like a competent level.


The ball bounce introduced a random element that meant rucks had to read it and adjust their play accordingly. That’s a good thing; do you want a round ball too? Night Grand Final idea sucks too, gimme Grand Final day barbie any day.


Nobody wants to Coldplay a Grand Final.


And while we’re at it, bring back the big stupid hats and coats for the goal umpires.


Oops I forgot my stupid hat



Moron doesn’t even know which fingers to use.


Must be a polo refereeing signal or something?


Yep, 25 years of hosting a Grand Final Barbie goes down the tubes in favour of a smaller number of people glued to an electronic device indoors.

And unless you’re playing under the roof, which I expect is their next step in eliminating those pesky ‘variables’ remember Melbourne’s weather.
For every beautiful sunny GF, there’s one that’s bucketing rain and miserable. Hello 11.00pm post game entertainment and happy crowds in the street kicking on.
Economically TV wins, all the other businesses lose.


Your wife clearly has no passion for the game to say that.

Apple is not a good comparison. Apple products are not a regular purchase, they constantly have to innovate to encourage a new purchase. They play to a market that has to have the latest version.

Australian footy doesn’t bring people in for the something new, people want more of the old. It’s like if your favorite burger was a big mac, and every time you went the ingredients had changed, would that be a good experience?


As I said she has absolutely no interest in footy. Hence my need to raise the point. I completely agree with you that the Apple example isn’t relevant.