AFL - Good Ideas, Terrible Ideas, Too Many Ideas, No Idea


Not sure where to say this so I’ll say it here.

The Bulldogs Jumper is a digrace. A ■■■■■■■ disgrace.

What is this turning into.


Racism, salary cap cheating, hush money for indiscretions, lack of regard for player mental health - I long for the good old days of 80s football, and I’m pretty sure kids of today do too. After all - it’s the game their grandparents grew up watching!

Why do we bother messing with such a good thing? Lets return to our roots!

We should encourage head high contact.

Let’s restrict player freedom of movement in the off-season

Why are we talking about a twilight granny?

Why are we playing ANY games under lights?

Marvel stadium? What are we - a bunch of comic book geeks! Give me the traditional heartland of Waverley Park. Give me Angry Anderson. Give me the Batmo… oh wait, that was in the ■■■■■■ 90s!

Let’s stop looking for ways to improve a player’s enjoyment, longevity and earning capacity in this great game of ours.

Who cares if others sports offer more attractive products to play and watch? It’s not like there’s any danger they will attract a greater percentage of sporting talent!


Would be timely to undertake a complete review of the AFL Constitution , which was constructed under a different scenario.
The voting power accorded to the Commission is breathtaking. Also is it good practice for the CEO to be given a voting power equivalent to Commissioners - and greater than that accorded to the clubs? He is their employee.
Another issue that should be addressed is the AFL takeover of the Women’s game. It should have its own governing structure within the AFL, instead of sprinkling a few women in the administration.


All those things you talked about actually needed changing, unlike the current mantra of change for changes sakes. Game times and jumper designs do not fall under the same umbrella as racism and abuse cover ups


None of those things match the importance of the jumper the Western Bulldogs will wear for one round this year.


I see Brian Lake is facing multiple charges of assault and stalking against an unnamed woman and her kids.

Goooood bloke.


Is that the c ock and balls one? Take another look. It’s like one of those magic eye pictures - once you see it, you can’t not see it!


Don’t do drugs folks…


My take-away from that post was that afternoon Grand Finals are racist.


He’s blaming the drugs, is he?

It was the booze last time he belted someone (in Japan) and booze when he went after the poor woman at the polo.

Gooooood bloke.


I see this


Pretty welI-known - him and nose-beers - I thought.
Isn’t there a photo doing the rounds of him with white powder?

Think his (ex) wife may have dodged a bullet.


it seems like she is charging him - seems like an oversight if it was actually a little bag of drugs that assaulted her.
I would’ve thought it was pretty easy to differentiate a dealbag from a 6’5”, 110kg former full back.

Not sure anyone has dodged a bullet here.
She sounds like she’s been through a lot at his hand. DV is always a horrible situation.


Brian Lake is a notorious ■■■■■■■■. This is sadly unsurprising


Yeh, fair call - bad choice of words by me. Should have said better off without him as he is.



I hear they’re bringing in there own version of ‘snicko’.
Will it be for every game or selected games/ stadiums?


Only selected stadiums - they have to be labelled by the AFL as category 1 or 2 stadiums. Lesser stadiums including the following won’t have the technology - so once again the AFL is doing something half cocked.

Blundstone Arena (Hobart)
Mars Stadium (Ballarat)
Jiangwan Stadium (Shanghai)
Riverway Stadium (Townsville)
TIO Stadium (Darwin)
TIO Traeger Park (Alice Springs)
UNSW Canberra Oval


article said:

AFL Edge will be used at Category One and Category Two venues across the country where goal-line cameras are installed.

They include the MCG, Marvel Stadium, Adelaide Oval and Optus Stadium.

Venues such as Blundstone Arena (Hobart), Mars Stadium (Ballarat) Jiangwan Stadium (Shanghai), Riverway Stadium (Townsville), TIO Stadium (Darwin), TIO Traeger Park (Alice Springs) and UNSW Canberra Oval won’t have the technology.

I’m concerned about the following point they made. Which given the one game debacle with the boundary line communication boards gives me little confidence this have been tested this properly.

“Rigorous testing of the new technology has been undertaken by the AFL football operations team ahead of the rollout at various venues across the League.”


Just on this snicko business some more. The AFL trial their boundary line communication boards during JLT games which involved holding up a board. That’s it. Holding up a board. And they got it wrong at $5000 a pop.

And now they are going to introduce what would be a decidedly more complicated technology than holding up a board during the actual AFL season, and it seems they are doing this without trialing it during AFL match conditions. Unless they have been using it in the background to see how the process works without telling anyone. But what are the chances they did that without anyone blabbing?

So come match day and they have to use it, how long are they going to “rock and roll” the tape and snicko to glean out a result? And how does it work with players hitting the post at the same time?

I’m a tad skeptical…