AFL - Good Ideas, Terrible Ideas, Too Many Ideas, No Idea


You can pretty much guarantee the AFL haven’t thought of that scenario yet


Absolutely agree.

Also for others - TDLR - the AFL will have farked it up like always


I know this is cynical but…

  1. Geelong have already thought of this as a tactic and dangerfield or selwood will start tapping posts deliberately on goal set shots
  2. Some mug team will copy them, and the afl will create a rule to penalise players for doing it
  3. Essendon will be the first team penalised for doing it


LOL - sad, but LOL still the same.


(stands on soap box and acknowledges the gathered crowd with a polite nod)

I reckon we should not worry about the ball going through without touching the post or another player. Just make it that if the ball is kicked across the goal line, through the goal posts, then it’s a goal. No need to sort out these faint touches on the goal post or some opposition player’s hand 30 metres down the ground (we know how well the replays sort those out all the time).

In soccer if it crosses the line it is goal even if it comes off the crossbar/side post or an opposition player (yes I know they have replays checking it if crossed the line and there can be controversy. You’ll never get perfection). In tennis if the ball hits the net and goes over you win the point (and for some stupid reason you have to apologise for winning the point that way).

Why is Australian Rules Football so particular about the ball crossing through the goal posts unfettered by post or other?


Because the rules are different?


Also, you then make another change for if it bounces off the post into play.

AFL will love it


True, all sports have their nuances. Just wondering if the easier solution is to change this rule than bring in all this tech that is still going to throw up contentious decisions and long drawn out replays of was it was it not touched.

The only caveat is that we wouldn’t have that glorious footage from grand final 1993 of Silvagni squealing he touched the ball from Longy.


The easiest “solution” is to have a trained guy standing on the goal line to make the decision.



OK then, person :blush:


Nice scoreline top left :slight_smile:


and stop the TV stations overanalysing the decisions. If we did that for every borderline umpire decision the game would take 4 hours.


It certainly would be. But I kind of like it how it is. Maximum points requires maximum accuracy.

*sits back now awaiting the pedants


Plus or minus about three metres…


Could be, that compared to most other team sports involving goal scoring, Australian Rules has a far bigger area in which to score,



The whole idea behind the score review system is to stop the absolute clanger decision - like the Cloke kick in the GF that smashed into the post (I think it was Cloke?) - the one that is so obvious that everyone in the stadium saw it but the goal umpire had a brain fade.

It was never designed to determine the tiggy touchwood posters, or the touched off the boot incidents etc that it does now.

Keep the system, accept you’ll have to use it only once in a blue moon, and move on. There are always going to be small debatable errors made by officials - this is part of all sport. We need to just accept that.

Unfortunately this requires the likes of BT to shut up about potential controversies during a call (that they can analyse over and over again in the post match) and talk about actual football, so it won’t happen


the fact the review system has a sponsor - DrinkWise Score Review process - just screams for ensuring it gets screen time


And it’s wise sponsorship because every time they do one at the ground I need a farking drink


The system is quite simple and foolproof.

If there is ANY thing like even a poofteenth of a touch was made for one of our kicks on goal, it will be ruled as a point.

If the ball bounces off the goal post after an opponent’s kick, it will be up to the maggots’ discretion to see how much they can get away with.