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ha - I take it the TV in the AT household is behind perplex in a soundproof room, and the remote control encased in sponge.


AFL copping flak for taking down the Tayla Harris pic. Who made that decision?


Channel 7, so can’t blame the AFL for that one. I’m no fan of the AFLW at all but that was a great pic (that’s now destined to be an iconic pic)


You can pretty much guarantee the AFL will f#ck this up


Small error made with good intent probably by a content editor. Blown out of all proportion by shouty people.

Eventually the AFL will realize that the people getting up in arms about stuff like this have no interest in the game, they would actually prefer that there was no AFL or AFLW.


And for the fans of AFLW especially girls?

All good? Just an overreaction to having your appearance mocked, your ability mocked and some attention brought to your genitals? Just what should be expected by non-shouty people?


The AFL didn’t do any of that, they just took the image down. Strange decision (wouldn’t you just stop the comments or moderate them?) but one that was clearly made with the intent of protecting the player and girls interested in the sport.

Can’t blame the AFL for the fact that we are a country full of big chested idiots who hide behind their keyboards


The reaction online to that pic has been a bit irritating to me. Common comments are around “men get those comments all the time” and “women are just having a sook”.

Do people genuinely not realise the difference in commentary?! Men footballers get criticism all the time - mostly about on field performance or weird things they’ve done off the field. I’ve not seen a great deal of comments that are crude and focus on male genitalia.

I saw a similar photo of Fyfe - the difference in comments is fairly obvious


The AFL did not take it down. Ch 7 did.


Nick Dal Santo has been triggered by your post.


I wonder who owns the tech behind AFL Edge?


That was my very first question.


Out of interest why the need to throw this in?

I hate how some people (not necessarily saying you, buut…) take AFLW as a personal affront.
I can’t imagine any situation where they’re on the right side of history here.


Amazing world we live in where the media companies will happily promote and re-post a video of 50 innocent people getting murdered, but feel they need to take down a photo of a woman kicking a footy because “controversy”.

■■■■ this makes me angry.


Silly question. The AFL. Give it a few years and it will be sold off to a company which is ultimately controlled by Gil. All part of his retirement plan.


I reckon the AFL don’t. Perhaps some of the AFAil elite might have a stake in the company that is backing AFL Edge.


I absolutely don’t take it as an affront. I also think it’s a great great thing - fabulous for young girls in particular.

I was just saying I’m not a fan of it personally (as in I don’t watch it), and yet I, even as a non fan, loved the pic (so emphasising the fact that the pic is objectively awesome). Nothing more or less than that. I really thought that would have been self evident!


I only watched the last ten minutes of last night’s match… did they use this snicko tech and if yes, how did it go?


AFL’s eve of/mid season draft was always going to cause issues!

That club is probably kiddin’ themselves on the $$ for compo. But it certainly would have an impact.

Will be even worse for lower league clubs when players get taken mid season.


Changing the rules is what got us into the current position. Rule changes appear to be reactionary at best. The simpler the rules, the better l like it.