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With the Tayla Harris photo it’s hard not to see a brilliant photo, amazing kicking action and an attractive woman. But why the widespread reaction to internet idiots in this particular case? Their disgusting comments can be viewed 365 days a year. The stuff they say about Hird is far more vile.


Is it just me, or did last night’s match look way more open, skillful and interesting due to the 6-6-6 format?


A Norf supporter at work (yes I know rare as hen’s teeth) reckons he will start watching more football after last night’s game as it was a throwback to the 90s. Joked that he watched more football last night than all of last year


I’d say it’s because people can more closely relate to the abuse and objectification Tayla received.


Poops. Wrong thread.


At a stretch I could imagine Rowe might have brought in $200k of additional revenue. The article fails to mention how much they were compensating him. Worst part of the article is the non comment from the AFL and and speculation that they were basically saying GAGF we aren’t paying you.


No worries.

The AFL Execs deserve all the poops you can throw at them.


It was actually oops and aurocorrected to poops - too lazy to change it and besides, thought it appropriate for this thread


The AFL are a joke. They rush in rubbish rules, rubbish tech and now we have clubs waiving around street signs.


Yeah but they had to get their fans to steal them along the Western Freeway to the 'G for them as they couldn’t afford to pay for the official AFL boards that all the other clubs are using.


… and the only blokes that get rotated are #10, #20, #30, #40 and #50


… and 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (by holding them upside down).


I liked this one when Watts started kicking to the wrong end.



This one will be the best when they finally concede their future as an AFL club.



Our staff must have been holding up “give way” signs during jlt


Well, there was certainly no need for anyone to hold up signs warning the supporters to “secure your load”…


Hopefully this is today’s…



This innovative idea might just take off.
I’ll leave it to Blitz to figure out the possible strategic use of the following


Or, for certain clubs an important reminder.


This one is for Raz as he’s streaming towards goal