AFL - Good Ideas, Terrible Ideas, Too Many Ideas, No Idea


Harsh that they hold this up every time Saad gets the ball


Brown running unopposed from fifty out to goal:


Bottom row second from left:

JD hanging to the right
coming down the right side
just attack down the right!



Wombat sign for anyone trying to break a TIPPA or Smith tackle.


My actual two favourites are;
Bottom right, which I believe describes our preferred Saad & McKenna kick in strategy.

And the potential use of the ‘No Trucks’ sign from the interchange.


I hope they get rid of the bloke who holds up this sign:


When the game plan used to go via Mark Neeld:


Please show all our players slipping over while their opponent keep their feet and kick goals this sign:

Slippery road sign - class 1 retroreflective Australian standard aluminium or metal warning sign. Features yellow diamond-shaped background


So we did all those rule changes to increase scoring.

Unless North and Freo score a combined 270 points, this round will be the lowest scoring Round 1 since 1965.



Did anyone analyse/compile examples of the signs used in round one?

I didn’t have binoculars in Sydney, so all I can say is we used a smaller square-ish flashing LED board that I couldn’t read and GWS used a larger static board (perhaps wider than the 800mm allowed - it was much wider than it was tall).

I suspect a lot of clubs are going to need to learn the basics of sign design: e.g. there’s a reason most of the signs above have a contrasting border. Don’t re-invent the wheel, please.


Could you read the gws board?


Barely. Probably readable from the ground as opposed to the opposite wing. It had a number at each end. Curiously the height of the characters was much shorter than the backing board.


You’re my favourite uber-nerd ever DJR



So it was the new signs that put our players to sleep last week.


Apparently Warner has an article up on the hun about the dees tanking Saga which makes Gill look rather silly. Can someone post it?



The AFL investigating the AFL is always such a good idea


Very ASADA Saga type reporting timing about this. Remember across 2013-14 there would always be a new “bombshell” article that would drop the day of our games? They’d have been sitting on this for months, Dees are 0-2 and bottom and they press go on it. None of it reflects on anyone currently at MFC, but it does show you how the AFL manipulates an “investigation” which we as a club know all about. Clearly the testimony from MFC coaching staff tells you they tanked 100%, but the AFL changed it to “bringing the game into disrepute” or conduct “outside the best interests of the game” rather than using the T-word as they didn’t want to get offside with the betting agencies. Tanking happens in American sport and they don’t bat an eyelid at it, so I don’t understand why it was such a big fuss. The system basically encouraged teams to not win, especially with the priority pick system in place back then.


You wash your mouth out!
When you have beacons of honesty like Fat Andy and old mate Bug-Eyes in charge, I refuse to accept the end result would demonstrate anything other than the utmost integrity…