AFL - Good Ideas, Terrible Ideas, Too Many Ideas, No Idea


I hear the AFL are considering a night Grand Final…and James Hird might be interested in coaching…


Low scoring? Umps will start paying more dubious frees in front of goal. Scores higher. Problem solved


I think it was 4 dead rubber VFL games.


Yes 3 vfl games. It’s worth reposting this article as well as it exposed how shortsighted the test was


The majority didn’t want significant rule changes anyway.


If Good Friday Eve is a thing, then that makes today Good Friday Eve Eve.


Maundy Thursday’s not good enough for them?


wimm- point noted and I feel suitably berated. My post should have been “then that makes today Maundy Thursday Eve”


SO tempted, but no.
Well played.


we are now having live entertainment pregame on ANZAC.

Also, isn’t it protocol that the home team is the first mentioned? This whole lead up has been Coll V ESS.


Will Birds of Tokyo be playing The Last Post? can’t see that’s it’s appropriate even if they are.

(Giving them the benefit of the doubt), thinking maybe they have gone alphabetical re the teams.


The reverence of the ANZAC Day match is slowly being eroded. Who needs a rock band playing before the game?


That’s a terrible decision
Hope they cop flack for it. Nothing against the band either


The band could have always said “no thankyou Gil, that would be tacky af”


Wont happen, but it would be great if the crowd turned their back on the band.


Haven’t they had a band play before the game the last few Anzac days? Or was that just an army band?


Such an awful idea
ANZAC Day is not about a band Gudinski is trying to promote :man_shrugging:


band before game or two tribes at 3 quarter time.


For many many years. But it was military staff.


I thought it was military and then an actual band. But obviously I was wrong.

In my defence I am almost always drunk by game time