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To me, I saw us (the AFL) playing on ANZAC Day as a privilege, and the way the occasion is honoured made it justified. But to have a rock band play before the game starts is inappropriate. Spot on RedandBlackPartisan, it is against the reverence of the occasion.

The question is why do you need this? They can play at half time - sure - whatever. But not before the match.




“Birds of Tokyo - so disrespectful to the Anzacs” - Football supporter on his 5th pint, 11am Anzac Day, MCC bar.


How is playing rock music any worse than comparing going to war with a bunch of blokes kicking a ball around the park?

Maybe the Birds of Tokyo setlist will be inspired by the “Anzac Spirit”?


Little known fact: Birds of Tokyo have a close personal connection to the ANZACs. They once listened to Luke Hodge talk about doing the Gallipoli treck and thought it sounded like hard work.


It’s way better than the AFL’s original idea of having The Avalanches play a remix of And The Band Played Waltzing Matilda.


Xavier you know they own us and don’t have to inform us about anything!!! What the F****!!!


Assuming the record label for birds of Tokyo pay a fee for their band to play at the event, would be interesting to know the co$t.

Other than the diggers going around in Toyota Hilux* and the moments silence/last post…there’s nothing that really differentiates ANZAC day game from any other.


Clearly a decision by some pony tailed cocaine snorting advertising/PR ■■■■■■.


Maryborough’s premier electronica act.


Interesting choice of band if for no other reason than their name containing the word Tokyo. I’m sure nearly any Australian who fought in WWII would have gotten chills up their spines just by the mere mention of Japanese capital city.


Given that the youngest of these WWII veterans would be 92 years old now, there could be many reasons why their spines are feeling a bit dodgy these days.

I think you’re drawing a very long bow.

( - unless the Awful had decided on a much better musical act, whose name is perhaps much more redolent of WWII in the Pacific- I’m thinking of Tropical F*ckstorm)


Just typifies what ANZAC day has become. A day glorifying war whereby people are made to believe bullshit about the slaughter of our soldiers at Gallipoli somehow affecting Australia’s “freedoms” today. I only turn on the tv when they bounce the ball. It’s meant to be a commemeration, that’s it. I can’t stand what the day has become and the AFL’s further bastardisation of it. Disgusting.


Not too late for the AFL to change this decision.


It’s our home game so surely some input?


So PORT decided to play these ‘dirty ball’ scrubbing/swinging kicks into their forward 50, to take the WC interceptors out of the contest…

I’ve just realised, that this is another example of how coaching slowly picks away at the spectacle of AFL.

For me, contested marking is just about THE special feature of our game. If this ‘dirty ball’ strategy takes hold, we will take more skills out of the game, move the game more towards low-to-the ground players…etc…

I don’t blame the AFL at all for this, but I can still get sad about it.


Shouldn’t you be turning off the tv after the last post then?


It will always find a balance. Teams who employ smaller forwardlines will use ‘dirty ball’ tactics so the defense becomes smaller, then the forwards will get taller to take advantage of the smaller backlines and contested marking will come back in.

Grubbers should be used against when you have a smaller forwardline, there’s nothing worse than a game of football that becomes a game of ping pong between intercepting backlines. And crumbing goals from small forwards are pretty rad, don’t forget.


Richmond’s forward entries for the past 2-3 years have been pretty similar. They kick it as high as possible to ensure it’s near impossible to mark so it hits the deck.


I never realised my own kicking skills were actually a tactical innovation.