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interesting definition of skill


Hocking also said The 2019 season’s new rules, while not leading to higher scoring at this stage, had achieved the overall aim of “opening the game up” and had also contributed to the increase in upset results (23 games in the first five rounds were won by the outsider, an increase of six on results to this stage of recent seasons)

■■■■ off. Taking credit for increased upsets. These guys want credit even they screw up, they need to go neck themselves


The AFL would take credit for solving world peace if they could. Amazing to think they can claim that new rules are having any impact on results - particularly when Hocking admits it hasn’t impacted scoring.

Fair to say S Hocking is a great description for how he is performing in his role.


Hocking also yesterday said that if people keep booing Ablett he’ll send the case down to the Integrity Unit.

You can’t make this ■■■■ up.



Integrity that AFL. upyours.gif


Yeah, ban all spectators from Geelong games. That’ll work.


And there was I, thinking the overall aim was more goals=more ads. Wonder how it was sold in the first place.


From article about Ablett being booed:

“Debate raged about whether the booing of Goodes - which followed him being awarded Australian of the year for 2013 - was racially motivated, especially by his strong stance on Indigenous issues or by his calling out of the abuse he received from a teenage girl against Collingwood in 2013 during Indigenous round.”

They forgot to mention the bit where he was a sniping cheat.


What a terrible sentence.


I have so much respect for so many indigenous players.
And Goodes was a great player.
His Grand Final comeback was immense, and I still remember him cutting up the opposition in a pretty genuine All Star game.

But in the last third of his career he turned into a whinging, sniping, staging cheat.
I don’t respect that.
And I grew to really, really dislike him as a player.
And this is a guy that went to Horsham Tech.

I’m actually glad he was named Australian of the year.
I loved how he brought his mum to the Brownlow.

You can say my boos encouraged racists if you like.
I have no doubt that some people did boo him because they were racist. And that should be said.
It should also be said that some people booed him because, as a player, he turned into a bit of a ■■■■.
But it never, ever is.


Eliminating racist, sexist, bigoted comments from the crowd is fair enough. But not being allowed to voice your disapproval, well that sounds like censorship. Some players just cop booing from opposition supporters through their careers. Typically it’s because they are good and hurt your side and some fans don’t like it. Is it churlish by those fans? Yeah - it probably is. Other players get booed because they don’t play in the sprint of the game and they get hated for it. Umpires also get booed for making decisions, that in the eye of the fan, are unjustified (shall we say)… There is a line between abusive and barracking.

As for Ablett, if this has to do with the Folau matter, then if the AFL had kept its controlling mitts out of it it would not have been a story.

It would be good if the fans told the AFL to butt out with their over-reach into telling people what they can and cannot do. They are friggin control freaks orchestrating an image.


Transparency would go a long way to delivering integrity. The AFL should have an FOI policy. Thatt would be a demonstration of the AFL commitment to integrity


Good call. After today’s fine I would like to understand how the AFL’s integrity is impacted by a club for bringing in one of their own players to play a game. I can’t think of another sport in the world where you fine a team for playing their own players. Even horse racing, a sport based purely on gambling, allows jockey changes.

Does the AFL not want their club’s to play to the best of their ability? I know we should have named Daniher as an emergency but the entire idea of emergencies is ridiculous and completely unnecessary in my opinion.


Yeah but think of the people who didn’t have him in their supercoach team


Well what do you know

Mid season draft not properly thought out

And clubs aren’t going to use it as expected, more exploit it on young talent not mature agers.

Mid-season draft prospects could have their AFL dreams dashed because of eligibility rules

[Sam Landsberger], Herald Sun

May 1, 2019 10:00pm

The AFL dreams of dozens of players are in limbo because of confusion over eligibility rules for the mid-season draft.

All players hopeful of being picked up must have nominated for last year’s national draft.

But several would-be AFL players failed to do so and some believed their previous nomination was valid for three years.

A little-known criteria change enforced in 2017 means all players must now nominate annually.

West Adelaide late developer Elliot Dunkin, who is averaging 19 disposals in the SANFL, is on the radar of one AFL club but he is ineligible because he didn’t fill in last year’s form.

Other prospects new to the VFL, SANFL and WAFL this year are ineligible because they didn’t bother nominating last year when they were starring in country leagues with no hope of an AFL career.

The AFL will now consider granting special exemptions for prospects who have been left devastated by their current ineligibility.

The league must decide between breaking their own rules or leaving a bunch of young footballers devastated.

The late uncertainty means clubs are still unsure who they can draft on May 27.

“No other sport in the world operates like this,” one club figure said.

“Rules on the run … again.”

Football boss Steve Hocking has told disgruntled player managers he will look into the “anomaly”.

A memorandum sent to clubs by AFL integrity officer Ken Wood, and obtained by the Herald Sun , reveals players put on rookie lists this month will bank $70,000 without playing a game.

The battlers will receive a base salary of $50,000 plus a further $20,000 if they are not retained on any AFL list in 2020.

They will pocket about $4500 a match, spiking potential earnings to around $150,000 for four months of work.

Clubs do not believe Sydney has priority access to Kyle Dunkley as a father-son, but there was no official clarification in Wood’s rules.

Kurt Tippett is poised to sign a retirement form, giving the Swans a pick.

AFL footy boss Steve Hocking has told player managers he will look into the mid-draft “anomaly”.

Dunkley completed a VFL pre-season with Footscray and is averaging 18.5 disposals, eight tackles, 4.5 clearances, 1.3 goals and 123 SuperCoach points as a 19-year-old for Gippsland Power.

The hard worker, and brother of premiership Dog Josh, is a being considered by some clubs.

Recruiters will exploit the concept, affecting an already-lean talent pool in 2019.

They want to get the jump on November’s national draft by pumping six months of development into teenagers such as Dunkley or Mitch Riordan (Dandenong Stingrays).

But the AFL wanted clubs to grab, for example, a mature ruckman if they had lost multiple big men.

State-league players are unlikely to make an impact in 2019 given their lower fitness bases and requirement to learn new game plans.

Players cut at the end of the season will become delisted free agents. They have until 5pm tomorrow to nominate online.

The AFL will run medical tests on May 22 and the draft will be run in reverse ladder order after Round 10.

Most clubs are set to use a pick.


Please note that nominations for the 2019 Mid-Season Rookie Draft open at 9am (EST) on Monday 29th April and close at 5pm (EST) on Friday 3rd May.

All nominations are to be completed online only. Please note that Draft Nominations for the Mid-Season Rookie draft DO NOT carry over to the 2019 NAB AFL Draft.

Player Eligibility to Nominate

The following eligibility criteria applies to Players nominating for the Mid-Season Rookie Draft:

• Players must have previously nominated for the most recent National Draft

Note: A Player who nominated for and was not selected during the Draft and who has committed for a further year as a 19-year-old Northern or NGA Academy Player is an exception and is not eligible for selection in the SSP


• Players must have previously been on the list of an AFL Club (not required to nominate for the previous Draft) refers tothe following situations: o A Delisted Player

Note: A Player delisted by a Club cannot be reselected in the 2019 Mid-Season Rookie Draft by the same Club in the period immediately following their delisting.

• A Retired Player and/or a Player who has delisted himself and has not been on an AFL List for one Football Year or more. Eg, Cyril Rioli retired in 2018, and therefore is not eligible to be selected in the 2019 Mid-season Rookie Draft as he did not nominate for the most recent National Draft.


Why not both?


I don’t think the afl can break their own rules, can they??

They just alter existing ones.


The AFL are big fans of Animal Farm.


Do we have a list slot available for this one?


Don’t think so

Mutch LTI saw McNeice promoted

So only spot left open at present is a CatB which I don’t think is part of it. And we may have to drop McNeice back again anyway when Mutch off injury list