AFL - Good Ideas, Terrible Ideas, Too Many Ideas, No Idea




We should get on the front foot with this, and ask for an extra preseason game now.

AFLX Pros:
It would make the AFL happy

AFLX Cons:
We’re Essendon. Nothing we do for the AFL will make any difference.
Only a quarter of the list plays the game.
It’s of less value for those that play than a training session.
Winning it means nothing.
It’s less time bedding down our new new new secret gameplan.
It puts us behind clubs that decide not to play it.
It’s a meaningless distraction for the entire club.


and there you have it



Does winning it count as winning a final if we bid and are the only club to bid?


The clubs don’t really support AFLX even happening so why the fark would they bid for a licence


Build it and they will come,… unless it’s AFLX.




I’m assuming it’s a reverse auction: lowest club requests for payment win. It’s an odd one, because there is no significant revenue from AFLsuX and there never will be. Therefore the amount the AFL pay the clubs is an arbitrary one from consolidated revenue. A governance nightmare.


So ultimately those that don’t play will be subsidising those that do.


The AFL - anything new ideas to extract for more cash.


AFLsuX is held before the BLT, right? So teams that made finals (plural, mostly) the year before will be less interested.

I say we do it like this: the ten teams who failed to make the finals are obliged to bid for six places in AFLsuX. That’s two divisions of three, so you get six mini-matches leading to a grand final as per two years ago. Winner gets four premiership points.

I’m pretty sure whatever the AFL comes up with will be worse than the above.


It must have been a real honor for the club presidents to go to afl house and hear steve hocking blow his own trumpet

Success he says… he should be next out the door


'Redevelopment plans for Marvel Stadium were also discussed ’

Interesting how this little morsel of information was tacked onto the end of the article.

What will this entail? A switch from an oval to a rectangular pitch perhaps given how much AFLX is crapped on about in the article?


Scoring in the first minute after a bounce has increased, other than that scores have gone backwards.

So, by extension they will just make players return to the 6/6/6 positions, at EVERY bounce.


I soooo hope this happens. The outrage will be monumental and spectacular. However, the afl will still insist the ground hasn’t changed, it’s just a “rectangular oval”.


Development of marvel is about the outside, not the inside. They want to turn the area into a precinct with restaurants and so forth around the outside of the stadium


Little Developments in on that also IIRC


Grander than that -Werribbee Mansion.
AFLW down the bottom of the list - bonuses and promotion prospects must be going for AFLX at AFL
Anything about grassroots and umpire development.?


There is an obvious danger with a consolidated soft cap no?