AFL - Good Ideas, Terrible Ideas, Too Many Ideas, No Idea


Gill and Steve have to go.

And spare me with the take aflx international bullshit. Fark me, if the world wont accept australian rules as the greatest game in the world I see absolutely no reason why they’d flock to aflx.

They need to get real, if they are intent on trying develop international markets they should pick one, probably the US and play a game for points there through the bye period. Forget about this rectangular ground nonsense.

If you want to do it, do it properly and pay to turf a stadium with an athletics track. That would be about the same size as kardinia Park.


Yes it is. You just said it. I’ve heard countless other people say that. I’ve read it on social media. I’ve heard talkback callers on SEN.

What exactly is it you are complaining about?

You booed someone and it was misinterpreted?

If so - wow! Are you ok? Seriously! We should start like a Go Fund Me campaign. I’ve met some people that have had hardship in their lives… I’m not sure it compares to someone who booed a professional athlete and other people thought the boos were for something else…


Yes! Let’s play a game for points in the US. Forget about this rectangular ground nonsense. Simply play on one of the many oval shaped sporting grounds they possess.


Look at any college stadium with an aths track, there are plenty, it would work


Agree with @Ivan. The sooner Gill and Hocking are gone the better. It’s so frustrating and sad that they treat the great game of Australian football as their plaything.


I dunno guys, I’ve got a feeling this AFLX thing could really take off. Stop being so negative huh


Boo this man.



I’m no marketing expert, but I reckon the AFL is dumb in ignoring the female dollar in women playing in traditional men’s team sports. Female soccer is now proving financially attractive at the International level and rugby is doing OK regionally. AFLW has more chance of attracting support as a niche event at the international level than AFL, given the dominance of soccer, rugby and gridiron at the male level.


The AFL’s long term objective should be to sell 1,000,000 full season live passes into the states at $100 a shot within 10 years. One or two serious games for points between evenly matched sides a year and a marketing spend could make that achievable I reckon. Importantly most of the season doesn’t clash with the nfl.

The full blown version of the game appeals to Americans, it is the right blend of violence and spectacle. Aflx is just noise and a waste of time, Americans would sooner watch lacrosse.

Maybe this is pie in the sky stuff but if they were serious about trying to develop the game internationally they have to set a target and seriously invest in it, not slap themselves on the back for defacing our game and playing it in Melbourne


nice bump, idiot.



pre-rule changes: we have so much data,the best data. look at this damn data guys. these changez are da best thing for the game evah11!!!11!!

post rule changes: who needs data, this just feels great, doesn’t it?

what a pack of farking idiots.


Just spitballing here but if you were going to do this seriously you should create an American media division that calls games and provides post game analysis. Australian Sports media culture and accents will not sell in the us market because it’s too foreign. Putting an American behind the mic in the commentary box would significantly reduce the barriers to entry imo.


Sounds like you have just sorted Mason Cox’s post footy career. I wonder if Dwayne Armstrong is up for a spot of commentary?


Has there been a new ball sport created in the last 20 so years that has been imported to, and become in, the USA?


To be clear, I don’t think the AFL’s focus should be on trying to grow participation. It should be on selling an existing product. And they should be trying to sell direct to customers rather than selling to media conglomerates. I think ultimately that will be more lucrative and it’s where modern entertainment markets are at




Soccer was very trivial there as late as the '80s. They are now competing in the World Cup. (Though they may be getting the “Sydney Swans treatment” to get there).


Except it’s not a new game though. It was well established and more the USA took it on.
AFLX is this new mutant mess the AFL have devised


As a novel concept, we should probably fix the game up and get it right at home first before trying to enter other markets…

The game of footy, not AFLX!!


And there were huge numbers of registered soccer players there at the grassroots level, it also took off as a female sport.
As to AFLX, the AFL has the China syndrome , money to be made if only we can get it into a smaller rectangular field.