AFL - Good Ideas, Terrible Ideas, Too Many Ideas, No Idea


Except that AFL has virtually zero impact upon one of the fastest growing immigrant communities in this country!!


Apparently there will be 8 aflx licenses for the clubs to bid for, though rumors that it could be opened to private enterprise like the ipl where a team can be made from scratch and players contracted to play for these teams for the aflx comp

These guys really are hell bent on destroying the game


IPL gets manic support, packed stadiums and huge TV audience

No one gives a fark about AFLX

Their grand dreams are never going to happen


Bid for a 3-4 hr tournament.

yeah please line up and take a number


Where will the players from AFLX come from? No way AFL clubs will be releasing them without fair compensation. If, and it’s a big if, it takes off I foresee a Rugby 7s type comp where the players only play AFLX.


Who gave the AFL the authority, the right, to screw up the game of Australian Rules Football?


The Clubs. :frowning:


Come on now. We know given the right circumstances, contracts can are breached in the AFL.
Imagine the AFL players if there is big money to be made and even more fame and fortune.

The AFL will bite the hand that feeds it, its only itself, to create overseas markets for AFLX.
We’ve have watched them waste millions on Q’ld and NSW clubs and several Victorian clubs
who are still attached to their financial breast

The lure of big, big, bucks international fame and fortune, wow its almost to good to be true for Gil.


Who gave The Clubs the authority, the right, to allow the AFL to screw up the game of Australian Rules Football?


The AFL have had the authority to screw Aussie Rules for years Doe. I live in the country and I can smell the arrogance and ignorance from here.


may the winds change direction


People forget the afhell own the game. It’s theirs. It’s supposed to be the public’s, but it’s not.
The afhell gave themselves the authority to ruin their game.


After the crap weeks the other football codes have had (de Bellend, Folau, bloke chucked out of the A-League), i bet the boys at AFL House are patting each other on the back, saying how well they’ve run the comp. No controversies at all!


Why does the AFL even feel the need for a wildcard match. Oh that’s right more $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

The only thing they know.



Thanks, but no thanks.


Hope the fans see it for what it really is, a money grab, stay away and it loses money.

No side finishing tenth should be anywhere near finals. The quality is just not there.

You could have sides playing finals after potentially winning less than 50% of their games during the year. Joke.



See how exciting that sounds?


Who will be the WILDCARD!!!

Just call the elimination finals the WILDCARD ROUND ffs


What will these money grabbing baskets think of next??? They must need more money because they have advertised for a Mental Health Expert, yep they are moving into looking after the player’s mental health - god help us.