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McCartin’s career sounds over. There is no way he should be playing again.


i saw the headline and the first words that popped in to my head were “peter jess”


Mick’s accreditation is bound to be revoked again.


Link to audio is in tweet

…Mick Warner says the game of Australian Rules Football as we know it is being eroded away forever.

He says commercial interests are having too much impact on the sport and our unique game was becoming too Americanised.

He ripped into the “sycophantic Docklands bubble” at AFL House and its push for “night grand finals, names on jumpers and mid-season drafts.”

“It proves the AFL is hellbent on trading away footy’s fundamentals in exchange for cheap commercial concepts, no doubt designed to boost traffic to the AFL’s website and pump extra millions into their already bulging bank accounts,” the 3AW Football newsbreaker said in a two-minute rant.

“We have a game that is in serious danger of becoming unrecognisable to the one we fell in love with.”


He’s 100% spot on


Just make the bottom 8 teams play off for the AFLX cup.
Make it elimination
Give them a chance to earn some silverware.


Who would have guessed there is a Warner in the Australian sporting landscape who isn’t a dill.


Mick Warner has nailed it. Love the polo references. Just remember the flog running the show wears mustard jackets. Let that sink in…


If they do revoke his accreditation it only adds more weight to his argument. AFL house’s control on the media is ridiculous. Only thing that might be helpful is that if they push him out he is completely free wheeling with nothing to worry about.


Latest absurdity. A Richmond cheer squad member has been banned for 3 matches for calling an umpire a green maggot…

I kid you not. ■■■■■■■ astounding…


Well, … you just should not go around calling people imaginary things now, should you? :smirk:


Well, that’s about as targeted a summoning of me as could be made:


They’re for sticking on your eyebrows eh?


We had better watch ourselves on here, someone on here will be banned next by the AFL mafia.

Watch , wait and see.



Initiated by cheer squad themselves. Should guarantee Richmond keep their status as umpires darlings for the next couple of years. Suck ups.


I think Richmond have one of the worst free kick differentials over the last 3 years.


Yep. It’s worse than ours even


How does a mid season draft take the game away from the one Mick fell in love with?

There was mid season player movement, dodgy brown paper bag deals and blatant cheating going on in the 80s. Why is this any better or worse?


That being said, I love Warner constantly going at the AFL. Only one that does it these days.