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Why wouldn’t they set up o/s clubs and broadcast back to Aus, where there’s an actual audience. That might have the potential to unearth non traditional talent as one positive. I think it’s hard to get people to watch a sport they don’t give two ■■■■■ about.




How pathetic. You would hope this bloke finds out which cheer squad members dobbed him in and endeavours to ensure they miss more than 3 games


I wouldn’t put it past the AFL to have people imbedded within cheer squads.

They’d certainly have people monitoring them.




Sounds like he was dobbed at first because they thought he said something else that rhymes with maggot.


Have you only just figured it out? The AFL have plants everywhere.

They do not like being called out on anything. They control everything or try to.


Good God: watch out Woosha — Sheeds is back !

And he’s baiting Martians again…


Told my wife and she said isn’t it ‘■■■■■■■■ white maggot’?

And she doesn’t even go to the footy


Do they indeed? Righto, let’s see…

Dill, you toffee-nosed, goggle-eyed, mustard-suit wearing ■■■■ with a ■■■■■■■ silver-spoon wedged firmly up your ■■■■ - you’re doing a ■■■■■■■ ■■■■ job and you wouldn’t know your ■■■■ from your elbow when it comes to what people want to watch.
You, your reacharound man Hocking and your ball-cupping cronies, all in a big circle-jerk with your green maggots who are ■■■■■■■ cheats and wouldn’t have a clue how to adjudicate a game of football.
Get ■■■■■■ - ALL OF YOU!!!

If you don’t see me soon, it’s been fun y’all…


Very low attendance figure


Well, colour me surprised… who’d have thunk it???

How to fix it? Move the clubs to Canberra and Tasmania. Dunno if it the crowds will be bigger, but at least they’ll be paying football fans, not a bunch of theatre-goers who were given free tickets with their Whopper & Fries…

Or could it simply be that footy in general is absolute farking trash to watch as a spectacle these days?


How do they fix the attendance problem in western Sydney? Very simple - fold the team and end the experiment. No one wants it other than the corrupt money chasing AFL.


3,000 of those people got free tickets while doing their shopping at Blacktown Westfield.


Mick’s at it again


Can’t grab the article or the write up. It’s about country footy and how the AFail don’t care about grassroots footy.


But surely Paul Hamilton’s got that all fixed now?


I’m sure Paul Hamilton will be across everything he needs to be deemed competent in his job role.


Good on Mick for having a crack, but he’s a few years behind the curve on this. I’ve been bemoaning the slow ignored death of Country Footy Leagues for about a decade to anyone that would listen, including many of those with the power (supposedly) to do something about it, … with absolutely Zero change in tack from the AFail.

They should be horse whipped for what they’ve done.

Edit: it’s actually Peter Rolfe’s piece. Good on him. and Warner for backing him.

‘The AFL doesn’t care about grassroots footy’

Peter Rolfe, Sports affairs reporter, Herald Sun

4-6 minutes

Country footy chiefs have called for a statewide review of the sport in regional areas and a shake-up of AFL Victoria’s management of the grassroots game.

The Andrews Government has been urged to lead a probe into AFL Victoria’s governance in regional areas amid fears for the future of country clubs and leagues.

AFL Victoria — which receives funding from clubs and leagues in return for steering a healthy game — has been accused of failing to provide leadership and direction in some areas.

It comes as many country clubs say they are struggling to field teams due to a lack of numbers and claims the AFL struggles to understand some issues country leagues face keeping our great game alive.

Former Gippsland AFL commissioner John White called for “an independent inquiry into the relationship between AFL Victoria and communities who are the backbone of activities in football and netball’’.

He has written to Sports Minister Martin Pakula claiming “AFL Victoria fails to recognise the importance of community football/netball and the important role clubs play in galvanising communities’’.

Country footy chiefs have called for an urgent review of the governance of the game. Picture: Pauline Bayley

He also accused AFL Victoria of failing to properly fund community football and of creating a “master-servant relationship which denies communities independence’’.

“Football clubs are the lifeblood of many rural and remote communities and from what I’ve seen the AFL don’t have a full appreciation of that,’’ he said.

“Different regions have different needs … teams are regularly forfeiting because they can’t field a team.

“The AFL have got to listen to the communities and adopt some of the thoughts that are being raised by those communities.’’

AFL Victoria head Ricky Bell said the body “decentralised the decision making around football in regional areas” over the past six years and works closely with regions to “support the growth and sustainability of the game in country Victoria”.

“We understand the challenges that many regions face in relation to population decline and the ageing of the population which impacts on clubs and leagues,” he said.

“Despite these challenges we are really proud that the year to date registered football participation in country Victoria is almost 4000 ahead of last year.”

But Geelong and District president of 34 years Neville Whitley accused AFL Victoria of leaving local leagues to sort out their own problems.

Country footy chiefs have called for an urgent review of the governance of the game. Picture: Geoff Rounds

“We see that AFL Victoria are meant to be the leaders on this and if they don’t want the responsibility, let’s go back to the old VCFL (Victorian Country Football League),’’ he said.

“If there are clubs that need help we should be tipping more money into those organisations to keep them afloat.’’

The Picola and District Football Netball League cut ties with AFL Victoria in 2018 out of frustration but paid $116,000 to reaffiliate this season after reaching some administrative compromise.

League operations manager Shane Railton said there was a “huge amount of issues all over the state’’.

“There needs to be an independent body that can be consulted by people who are aggrieved,’’ he said.

Sports Minister Martin Pakula said there was “no basis for the government to intervene”.

Sports Minister Martin Pakula says the government shouldn’t get involved in the issue. Picture: Getty Images

“Matters relating to the governance and management of local football leagues and commissions are entirely a matter for AFL Victoria,” he said.

But Mr White said country footy leaders would not take kindly to the government failing to intervene.




“The implications are bigger than football or netball,’’ he said.

“The implications are what happens to these towns and the local communities surviving? These bigger issues have to be looked at.’’

Phillip Island Football Club president Chris Ross said more clubs were likely to merge unless the AFL offered more help.

“I believe the biggest issue is the AFL continues to make record profit but not enough goes to community clubs,’’ he said.

“I don’t think the AFL at the top gives a s–t about grassroots footy.’’

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FFS! Why do you people think that Gil and his dickead mates could give a stuff about grassroots football?

Grassroots football does not supply players to the AFL now they have established their sausage machine recruitment processes.

But more to the point, how could supporting grassroots football get them free junkets to see the Super Bowl or The Olympics?

Focus on what is important! It’s obvious why Gil is where he is and grass roots football is where it is.