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The fact this type of story and the AFL Hall of Fame dinner are rolled out over the bye weeks just makes me cringe. Its all about making sure any and all news must be AFL related.

No doubt they are working on a mid season trade period. My guess is the bye next year or next (whenever the trade period comes in) will be a general bye to provide a midseason trade window. They are doing everything possible to water down clubs and the sport its to ensure all the focus is on the AFL. I really hope it backfires.


When’s the AFL HALL OF SHAME dinner?


The AFL Hall of Shame dinner invite list would be growing by the year. No longer does it just involve Vlad, Gill the Dill and Clothier. Now you would have S Hocking taking up a massive seat at the table, as would the team behind AFLsuX.


How predictable that article was tossed-off by Slobbo, the AwFuL’s resident Stockholm Syndrome sufferer.

What a sad buffoon he is, waiting around like a loyal lapdog eagerly spewing up whatever morsel is thrown his way.

He’s like that little eager cartoon puppy running round the ankles of the grumpy big dog, just craving attention, only to be given a backhander.

A sad, sad day it was when Essendon snuggled up to this fraud at the height of the saga only to have him turn around and p iss down our throat.


Not sure if I agree with every assertion you’ve made there, (I think he was on our / Jims side as much as he could be during the saga, or at least was at times, which is more than can be said of most) … but kudos on the quality of the kicking. :laughing:


His scummy rag broke embargo and named the players, only for that germ (the chief of football no less) to feign innocence and claim it was a management decision into which he had no say.
I call bulls hit…
Beware of fat, bald soaks bearing gifts…


It’s a Murfuch rag don’t forget.

That is soooooooooooooooooooooooooo altogether likely.


Does MelbourneFC also get credited with all of HothamFC’s runners up medal?


Haha I like it.

Wasn’t Hotham the old name for North Melbourne?


The AFL should also look at reversing the Grand Finals that were in the “challenge era” -where the team that finished top of the ladder had the right to challenge the result of the grand final should they lose, meaning you would have to beat them twice in order to win the premiership.

Collingwood was the major beneficiary of this system.


Well, no surprise that Carlton heavyweights are throwing their support behind it. Trying to grab as many flags as they can before they fold. Will be the only ‘extra’ flags they see for a long ■■■■■■ time.


Gil likes the idea because it lets him preside over the 150th anniversary, this is about ego


Through the first decade of the VFA’s existence, the structure of the football season did not change significantly from the informal system which had evolved over previous years. Setting of fixtures was the responsibility of club secretaries rather than the Association itself, and in a typical season, a club could play against other VFA teams, non-VFA clubs, at odds against junior teams (usually twenty players against twenty-three), and in some seasons against intercolonial teams; although as the number of senior clubs increased, the number of matches against non-VFA clubs declined. Prior to the 1888 season, there was no formally endorsed system for awarding a VFA premiership:[5] as had been the case since the early 1870s, the premier club was determined by public and press consensus, which by the mid-1880s was conventionally but informally understood to be the senior club which suffered the fewest losses during the season.




So the recount should start at 1888?

It would give South Melbourne 3, Essendon 4, and Fitzroy and Collingwood 1 apiece.

Personally, like this result far more.


Essendon sends along its representative, Peter Jackson.


If they do this why don’t they include Port Adelaide 3000 SANFL flags? Seriously the VFL was a breakaway league from the VFA, i.e. different leagues. ■■■■■■■ bendable retards.


May as well throw in East and South Fremantle flags in there as well to top up the Dockers bulging trophy cabinet.


If they are going to do this then they must redo the Team of Century since it’ll now be from 1870 - 1970. A few names are going to miss out.


B: B. Smith, S. Silvagni, J. Nicholls
HB: B. Doull, T. Whitten © K. Murray
C: F. Bourke, I. Stewart, K. Greig
HF: A. Jesaulenko, R. Hart, D. Reynolds
F: L. Matthews, J. Coleman, H. Bunton
R: G. Farmer, R. Barassi, B. Skilton

I/C: G. Ablett, J. Dyer, G. Williams

Coach: N. Smith**



Koch will want Port’s 36 SANFL premierships added.
(Edit: bomber_girl beat me to it!)