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What about all those intraclub matches Essendon won? Surely they have to count.


I wonder if the Bulldogs will push to have their vfa flags counted if everyone else is getting their vfa flags included?

Honestly i can’t see this as anything other that rewriting history, that is another competition you can’t annex it as it continued to exist after the split


Well that was surprisingly easy to work out.
Clubs can count whatever premierships* they like. And they should, as part of the club history.
But they’re not VFL/AFL flags and never will be, and the VFL/AFL doesn’t get magically have a longer history at the stroke of a pen.

Next distraction.
16 players on the field, anyone?

*however tenuous some of those claims might be


I think this whole thing is just silly.

I don’t give two hoots about premierships that were won decades before my grandparents were born. I just don’t. And I’m a football history buff.

But I simply don’t care about where we stand on the premiership ladder.

I care very much that we’ve only won 1 flag in the last 25 years, though.


Of course not.

How is that related to what I said?


Personally I wouldn’t consider “AFL Commission considering woefully stupid take that benefits Carlton” newsworthy given how frequently it happens.

The VFL broke away from the VFA. I thought this was common knowledge. Does Victoria get to claim NSW’s Origin wins as well?



I’ll take $10 on night Grand Final, and $20 on James Hird return to coaching.


Next distraction here…


Here’s my suggestion



Jeez, must be something going on… they’re pulling out a whole series of distractions this week…
Wonder what it is?


I agree, something is going down.


Costing 6 figures from an external consultant! Current scenes at AFL HQ


I wonder whose brother the consultant is?


Well the AFL will be sure to listen to that suggestion.

Always somehow find a way to make things :poop:


Don’t tell me 7 year old that. It was his main boast at Anzac Day and Dreamtime.


New logo?



Yes, because that is the problem at the moment too few different interpretations on the same field


How the AFail think that this is even a possible solution to the problem, defies all rational thought.