AFL - Good Ideas, Terrible Ideas, Too Many Ideas, No Idea


When you’ve got absolute fuckknuckles like Dill and Shocking in charge, nothing (NOTHING!) should surprise… These poseurs are so far removed from reality, it’s quite remarkable…


Will there be a cap on rotations, cough?

Inevitably, I expect analysis to be performed on how many free kicks are paid when certain umpires are on the field.


They won’t, and they shouldn’t. Port left their own league to join the AFL, which had grown directly out of the VFL. They joined us, therefore what they achieved beforehand is irrelevant.



Too fatigued to pay free kicks to us but draw on strength to find them for Collingwood.


Not sure if posted elsewhere.



The AFL trialled 4 umpires in 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018.

How much data do they need to decide it’s a crap idea?


Such bullshit.

Reading the original story was actually quite heartwarming to hear how much it meant to her to play at that level.

From memory.
All players on both sides agreed they were ok with her playing.
Don’t think they played for points.
If she didn’t line up they would’ve forfeited anyway.

Sure registrations and or insurance…but seriously, 6 weeks?


I bet it’s something as simple as it being written into the agreement between the umps and the AwFuL. Most weeks you employ 9*(3+1)=36 field umps, these three weeks at least you keep it vaguely close with 6*(4+1)=30.

(Or they dump the emergency ump for these games?)


Could also be that they don’t get a bye, and have asked for/need a break?


Australian female professional soccer players are being granted the same base pay as the men. Any spare cash in the AFL kitty Gil?


Mick sums up what Blitz has been saying


Absolutely the right call.
Male or female if an unregistered player plays in my local league the player cops 10 weeks and the club loses any points from that game and the club fined a substantial amount. It’s considered a very serious breach


The AFL doesn’t pay players though, the clubs do.
In soccer the FFA pays both the women and men for internationals


A base rate is struck for AFL listed players. The AFL channels funds to the clubs. What’s there to prevent the AFL from funding parity in base rates for AFLW listed players?


Surely the AFLW has to start bringing in their own money before their players get paid more. The AFLW needs to start charging entrance fees for starters and then the AFL can direct some of the TV rights money their way.
Maybe if the women go full time professional they will also get a decent wage increase


AFLW is at the development stage. It’s a bit hard to go professional if the player payments can’t sustain you.
The AFL pours buckets into AFLX and into China ventures, all for development


Buttons are getting pushed with this story.

Playing unregistered in most comps usually cops longer than 6 weeks.

-edit- @Aceman beat me to it


Basing this off nothing more than a hunch, but the extra couple of hundred local teams that it’s inspired would be bringing in a bit through affiliation fees etc. Drop in the ocean etc etc but it’s a start.


Also, if Essendon win the VFL flag this year does that go onto the tally?