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Criminal waste of money, both.


The China venture is great for the SA economy so thanks to the AFL for the free advertising :joy:


If our esports team win a flag, or whatever it wins, does that count as a premiership of sorts?

Didnt we (they) win something this year?


Sounds like a bit of bullshit,

If she is competent enough to understand what she is doing, all players on the field are ok with it and she can play at the level and wear the consequences of doing so who cares.


There has been a river of stuff flowing out of The AFaiL of recent time… this is the latest.


Yeah…well…Dwayne Russell…credibility zero.


Disagree. It’s never ok to play an unregistered player regardless of both sides agreeing. As someone who has been involved at both club level and association level it’s not acceptable. Registration covers the player for insurance and any other matter. If something went wrong the club and association could be in a world of hurt and even cause the demise of a league. It’s just the world we live in these days and I’d be surprised if both the league and the higher powers don’t sanction the club even more


I was assuming the paperwork was ticked off in my comment. You’re correct there.


Lots of clubs, especially the 2 new ones that no one asked for, don’t make enough money to support themselves but they still get everything they need. Why can’t the women’s league be the same?


That sounds far too sensible to be coming from within the AFL, or out of Duwayne’s mouth


Relocation one of two decisions when club votes count; the other being deregistration (what EFC was facing in the saga if Hird was not sacked or refused to settle)


Most sports insurance mobs would refuse payout if there was a single uninsured player on the field, regardless of whether they were involved in whatever incident.


Nah can’t see them shifting GC.

Maybe if there was a complete turnover in people on the Commission and all exec roles they’d be prepared to take the hit. As long as literally anyone involved in setting it up wields any level of power, they’ll be too proud to concede.


If any team is gonna be moved to Tassy, it will be the Suns. They have no fans to kick up a stink. And if there’s one thing Norf’s 10 fans do well it’s kicking up a stink.

I for one can’t wait to see the Tassie Uncle-Suns join the AFL.


Apparently a fan was kicked out of one of the games yesterday for calling Matthew Nicholls bald.

Which to me would seem to be truthful, but you know, what would I know


His demeanor must have been very demonstrative.


Had to wait 30min for an Integrity Officer to take his picture too…

Let’s face it, anyone who hangs over the player/umpire race and hurls abuse is a pretty weak individual.

We had the idiots throwing beers and membership cards at one stage.


Bollocks. Those cheats deserve to have abuse hurled at them. As long as it’s not racist, homophobic it’s fine.
They would have copped far worse that “bald headed flog” if they came near me on ANZAC Day


You (can) get up to a year in park cricket.
Most of the time you don’t, but I know one instance of it happening.


Yes. Cricket is much more harsh on unregistered players from my experience. I’ve seen clubs lose all points from all grades for playing an unregistered player