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Yep. Cos if there was an injury and compensation claim, it’d be tens of thousands of dollars ■■■■■■ away on lawyers, and the league probably folds.


I used to be the VTCA delegate to CUOV for a year or two in the early 90’s. VTCA used to hate the fact that CUOV would never ratify their suspensions - probably for jealousy reasons because VTCA considered themselves many cuts above the matting/synthetic competitions. CMCA (City of Moorabbin - now South-East CA) executive couldn’t understand why VTCA clubs who had their lower grades in the CMCA didn’t play their best players in the CMCA. There were some good players playing CMCA though - Dav Whatmore, Liam Pickering, now Brad Hodge.

There was a VTCA-registered guy who was suspended from VTCA for sundry reasons and was registered in a neighbouring comp under a false name. Even when he was reported to that other comp, they refused to suspend him - should have been banned for a long time. In his new comp, he had run up against guys from the VTCA who knew him.

I think CUOV is now basically Cricket Victoria, and VTCA was probably VJCA at the time.


yes it was


no longer can we get loud

‘I’m not at the ballet’: Cops bail up Pies fan for ‘barracking too loud’

June 11, 2019 — 11.05am

A footy fan at Monday’s Queen’s Birthday clash at the MCG claims he was threatened with eviction by half a dozen police because he was “barracking too loud”.

Pies supporter Simon Grech, 39, a self-described “very passionate supporter”, says he was sitting with a group of mates in his usual seat in the Collingwood reserve section when the police approached him in the second quarter after a spectacular Jordan De Goey goal.

Simon Grech says he was almost evicted by police at the MCG on Monday.

Simon Grech says he was almost evicted by police at the MCG on Monday.

He said police acknowledged he was not swearing or being abusive, and when he questioned them about the apparent problem an officer replied: “Do you hear what I said? You’re barracking too loud”.

Mr Grech said another officer told him he wasn’t doing anything wrong but that they had to follow protocol.

“I want to to know whose orders are they acting on because it’s getting beyond a joke,” Mr Grech said.

"I’m not at the ballet, I’m at the footy. I pay $1000 a year … Why should the AFL take my money and then take away my right to support my team?

"For the whole second half I didn’t say boo. They used the words ‘unsociable barracking’ or something like that … do they want us to wear seat belts now so we can’t jump up?

“You want me to start fairy-clapping? Are we at a cupcake contest?”

The incident sparked a social media firestorm on Monday after someone sitting nearby posted to Twitter that the father of two was “not offensive, not swearing, just loud.”

Fans have been up in arms after a series of recent bans and evictions for what many say is no more than passionate supporting.

The AFL Fans Association is looking into Mr Grech’s claims and those of another supporter who posted to Twitter on Monday that four men sitting nearby were kicked out for no obvious reason.

The association’s president Gerry Eeman said he’s received a lot of complaints from fans about a new “overly heavy-handed approach” about what is acceptable at games.

“What is deemed acceptable has changed, but nobody’s actually been told.”

Mr Eeman said the recent spate of highly-publicised violence at the MCG was a separate problem.

“The issue is about fans feeling like there’s a big brother around and they’re unsure about what they can and can’t say,” he said.

“The overwhelming majority of fans want a no-tolerance approach to violence at the football.”

The association has called on the league to provide clarity about what can and can’t be said at the football.

Mr Grech said police told him Melbourne supporters sitting nearby, who he was initially unaware of given his Collingwood seats, had reported him for his barracking.

He said fellow fans offered their support after the incident, including the two elderly ladies who regularly sit behind him.

Mr Grech said police told him to tone it down and next time he would be evicted. He said he was worried police would be watching him when he’s next at the ground, to see the Pies play Hawthorn.

It comes as the AFL plans to hand down its review into the eviction for reportedly calling an umpire a “bald-headed flog”.

The AFL and Victoria Police in May promised a crackdown on drunken brawls at the MCG after repeated violence.

Lifetime bans could be handed down for high-level violence, with five-year bans the new minimum. But alcohol bans were ruled out, because police say that could lead to “pre-loading” – binge drinking before games – or unfairly punishing well-behaved fans.

The move came in the days after four men, including a father and son, were charged with affray after the Collingwood-Carlton match at the MCG.

The four men charged are banned from attending matches for five years.

After the Dreamtime at the 'G match between Richmond and Melbourne last month, a group of men wearing Tigers jumpers fought in the car park. Police said one man punched at least one other.


One Dees fan was evicted for slurping his soup, another in the Members for having instant coffee in his thermos and a third for having Kraft processed “cheddar” in his sandwiches.


I think you’re just making this up.

They don’t eat sandwiches at the footy, that’s where you’d bring along your cheese board.


They’ll get their wish about the supporters not being too loud shortly, because nobody will turn up


Huh? huh


Old mate in the wheelchair (Stevie?) will probably get a talking to soon.


Just more reasons not to care


Do they keep stats of incidence of violence at/ after night and day games and by clubs?
If cops are concerned at pre-loading it already happens between finishing work and start of Friday night games.


Probably should, too!


I’m partially deaf so I don’t appreciate how loud I am. Do you think they’ll lower my bail because of that?


Richmond Cheer Squad spies
Calling an umpire a maggot eviction
Calling an umpire a flog eviction
Barracking too loudly caution

Welcome to the People’s Republic of Gil where we have eyes on every single one of you and you will adhere strictly to our behavioural standards and if you don’t you will be severely dealt with.

Seriously people like to unwind in a myriad of ways on weekends which can be destructive and dangerous to themselves and others but seems that yelling at the footy is classed in that way too.



But they should throw out people who do nothing but criticise their own players, starting before the first siren. We’ve all sat near people like this (or read them on Blitz if we’re game to go near matchday threads).


AFL, the Scientology of sport.


Big Brother is watching you.

(Apparently the AFL had plainclothes “spies” planted in the ground yesterday.)



These plainclothes spies would normally be easy to spot, but it was a Melbourne game so that made it tricky.
Too many tossers in Approved AFL casual - polo shirt or designer linen, slightly crumpled blazers, possibly a cravat, and riding boots.
(See any pictures of Gil to get the idea)


Icebreaker under $500 sleeveless gilet. That “I wear this up at the chalet” look.