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I’m sure the AFL will remove all footage and images of inappropriate barracking from their promotional material


Or not, as appears to be the case. They clearly have no idea what they’re trying to say here.


Except for when I’ve reported opposition fans for racial abuse and the security literally shrugged their shoulders and allowed the guy to come over to me and try to intimidate me (he didn’t), sure they don’t allow abuse


Similar experience - oppo fans allowed by security to stand in Ess members area. Then do nothing when they tried to pick fights with anyone. I tell security and they did nothing. Eventually they left as we made sure no one took the bait.

And, the time a Norf supporter threw syringes into ESS members and security (and the hotline) did sweet FA.


Honestly, we need to get a significant portion of the crowd to organise a massive mooning or something. Then they can try to kick everyone out. ■■■■■.


Loud’ Collingwood fan had been reported for abusive language before

Charlotte Grieve

By Charlotte Grieve

June 12, 2019 — 7.31pm

The Collingwood fan who claimed he was threatened with being kicked out of the MCG on Monday for barracking too loudly says the police reaction was heavy-handed and that he “is totally against” abusive language.

But it wasn’t the first time Simon Grech has been reported at a match, and his recent social media history is littered with profanities, threats of violence and aggressive phrases.

Mr Grech says he was unfairly reported by Melbourne supporters who alerted authorities over him “cheering too loud”.

When he was asked to re-create an example of his barracking on 3AW radio on Wednesday Mr Grech enthusiastically yelled, “‘Let’s go Woody’… and that’s it”.

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Pies supporter Simon Grech celebrates

Pies supporter Simon Grech, 39, celebrates a win on twitter.


But in September 2018, he uploaded a video of himself and a friend at the footy screaming “F— you, you f—ing c—s, let’s go” with the caption “F— these c—s”.

Mr Grech confirmed to The Age that this footage was taken at the MCG during last year’s grand final.

In tweets since April, he describes the performance of Geelong player Joel Selwood as “dropping to his knees … like a $2 hooker” and calls Essendon fans “junkie cheating dogs”.

Simon Grech's Twitter account.

Simon Grech’s Twitter account. CREDIT:TWITTER

“Back to the injecting room you rats,” he posted on April 25, during the Anzac Day round between Essendon and Collingwood.

He also takes aim at the French and appears to threaten violence against them.

Simon Grech's Twitter account.

Simon Grech’s Twitter account.CREDIT:TWITTER

A fan has also revealed she reported Mr Grech for anti-social behaviour in July 2018 for “shouting” and “rude language”.

After the game, the fan, who requested anonymity, was so concerned she sent an email to AFL membership to ensure her complaint was received.

“Someone called Simon who sat behind my friend and I … He also used the c-word and f-word. He made fun of people who turned around to show displeasure in his behaviour. He often curbed behaviour when security walked by then continued once they left,” the fan said in an email to AFL membership.

The fan contacted The Age after recognising Simon Grech from a news story published on Tuesday.

This comes as the AFL issued a warning but took “no further action” against a Carlton fan who they confirmed was leaning over the umpire’s race and abusing umpire Mathew Nicholls as he was leaving the ground at half time.

“The AFL’s message to everyone is clear - come to the footy, barrack as loud as you can, enjoy the game and do so in a responsible manner,” the AFL said in a statement.

Simon Grech was contacted for this story and confirmed the video posted was from “last year’s final”. He said he did not swear on Monday, and then ended the phone call.

With Rachel Eddie


haha you reckon if you’re crying that you’ve been unfairly done by, you’d clean up your socials. what a numpty. collingwood fans gonna collingwood fan.


Good old CLEN


The big question is whether the AFL will put the words fark and flower on the ban list.


I just assumed they were using the ■■■■■■■ blitz censor list.


Telling maggots they are crap is OK because it doesn’t breach conditions of:

But what about “disability”. Is cheating without conscience an ability or a disability? It must obviously be an “ability” - that is why the AwFL promotes and defends them.

So, we can all feel free to go ahead and criticise the cheating maggots the next time they stitch us up. And as we all know, we will not have too long to wait for that.


I’m looking forward to the game ever more on Friday night now, might have to give out more stick than I normally do


Not only that. Some folk with a leaning towards paranoia now believe that the AFL has installed cameras to monitor crowd behaviour.
Joffa has stated that he believes the AFL are recording video of the Collingwood cheer squad.

Whilst they may not own the MCG, effectively, they do. Certainly they own the AFL$ stadium and could even as I write this, be installing crowd monitoring CCTV.

Surely not, you say?



One of the common sense rules of life is to not kill the goose that lays the golden egg.

So what do the AFL do? It would be very wise of them to avoid alienating the footy fans.
In case the AFL executive do not realise it, the footy fans pay their salaries and are the conduit for ALL the money that flows into footy.

Fans are not “one of” the stakeholders of the game. The fans are THE stakeholders.


The MCG has been doing that for 15 years at least


Gil Jong-Un. Bahahahahahaha! :rofl: Funniest thing I have read for ages. I’m commandeering that handle and will henceforth refer to the AFL CEO by it. #giljongun


I can assure you that the MCG absolutely has crowd monitoring cameras. They have an entire control room that’s focus is on crowd behaviour.


Some time back it emerged that the police were also using facial recognition at the MCG for other purposes , but in at least one case they got it wrong


We have had to move members seats due to people in front complaining about our passionate barracking and they were also Essendon Members…maybe we need to have designated areas where the sensitives ones can live in their cotton wool area. Or maybe they should just stay home and watch it on TV with no sound


At our last game at the mcg the woman who sits in front of us (reserved seat area), turned up late in the first quarter then stayed standing up while she got something from her bag. I asked her to sit down and she said she’d only be a couple of minutes! Then her kids turned up and while one sat immediately the other one stayed standing while arguing that he should be in the seat his brother had. These kids aren’t too young, maybe 11-13. I said nothing, but pulled a face and forced a smile. She told me if we don’t yell they won’t stand up. We don’t yell much (only at dodgy calls) and if we swear it might be Jesus or bludy buy very rarely. I’ve since had the feeling we will be dobbed in if we ark up at anything.

Glad I can’t make it to the swans game there.