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People who don’t observe appropriate etiquette for leaving and entering seats at the football ■■■■ me to tears. Just wait for a stoppage ffs. When a player is taking a set shot don’t take your seat when they’re on their way in, do it before he gets set or after it has gone through. I can’t stand inconsiderate *****.


so Joffa has decided he’s boycotting footy. Maybe there are benefits in the AFL crackdown???
Hopefully Trout considers doing the same.

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I don’t know that the AFL recognise this fact or give it much thought. The AFL think “selling the tv/radio rights to the highest bidders” is what’s important. Then, sell the game to people at home. I don’t think they give a F1ck about the fans, its all about the big sell. Absolutely everything single thing associated with the game has advertising attached to it or on it.
They can also create false people in the stands to keep the optics just right. As long as the bickies keep rolling in kaching, who cares?


You are right that dollars is all the counts. Tv brings in a lot more than anything else. The next tv rights deal will be interesting. Foxtel is struggling to make money given how much they are currently paying. A reduction in viewership also seems to be happening as people aren’t happy with how the game is played and general leadership from the AFL.

But these factors together and all of a sudden the bucket of tv dollars to prop up the league might not be so big next deal.

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Is there an actual crowd problem? Or is it the way it has always been and the AFL are either saying it’s no longer acceptable?
Or has the crap umpiring and score review mistakes made the AFL turn it back on to the crowd to stop the crap umpiring and bad decisions being called out?


It’s the hot topic of the week. The meedja will be on to something else next week.

I wouldn’t be surprise if Kayo (Foxtel) purchase the whole rights world wide and ran 4 streamed games for free a week. Then offloaded a Friday and Saturday night to seven on a 30 mins delayed telecast.

Not sure the AFL would want their ‘blockbuster’ games in delay on free to air. But the idea of Foxtel on selling the rights is a way of getting a return on their investment. Interestingly under the current deal they could have sold off a Saturday afternoon match to free to air but they couldn’t or haven’t got a deal done.

I think the broadcasters will definitely push hard for a flexible draw in terms of scheduling over the weekend. This would mean you don’t end up with meaningless Friday night matches and an important game shown on say a Sunday afternoon. Given this flexibility will increase the likely offer it wouldn’t surprise me if the AFL accepted this.

One interesting thing I would like to know is what proportion of people watch games on tele ( lets say prime time Friday or Saturday night games) if they are not fans of one of the clubs?
I personally rarely watch any games that Essendon are not playing in ( including finals) . I have a life believe it or not and my footy interest is limited to Essendon.
I think many are the same. The answer to this is the answer to whether fans are the stakeholders of the game or that there are some folk that just sit down and randomly watch free to air footy on Friday and Saturday nights with no club allegiance.


Post-Saga Essendon fans are probably not the best test of who watches teams other than their own… fark everyone else and fark the AFL!


so kinda like your anecdote of the week

I post that with the full acknowledgment that Nelly Yoa has zero credibility.


Exactly. Just as overhyped and stupid.

I don’t think your anecdotes are overhyped. :slight_smile:

But seems likely give Gills paranoia, irrational decision making and recluse nature.

Absolutely. I am amazed that so many people here are so knowledgeable about other teams and how they are going. I would struggle to even name more than a few players at the other clubs.


I would.

I very would. Not only would Seven never let this happen, but we also have anti siphoning Laws to prevent such things happening.

I get that ScuMo owes Murfuch a bomb, but they would never get that past the outrage.

Actually, double screw YOU Gill and your mates.

How does one punch the c**t out of someone?

Love to see him take 1000 supporters to give the Dill a real taste of fanrage. Good on ya Joffa