AFL - Good Ideas, Terrible Ideas, Too Many Ideas, No Idea


I guess it’ll be easier to sell one set than three.


There goes another league side in Tassie. Price of progress


They can relocate to China and play AFLx.


Annnnnd the afl take joke posts as serious ideas… Just shut up bomberblitz, just shut.the.fark.up!


I’m less and less impressed that we have 10 best 22 players in our squad the more I go through the other teams. We have taken this way, way too seriously


Can i bring flares?


At least they got one thing right. Playing at hindmarsh. ■■■■■■■ mint stadium.


Given the non stop nature of the 10 minute long AFLX game, players will need to run at less than 3km time trial pace or they will blow up. With only 3 on the bench, players who sprint too much in the early stages will be wanting to sub themselves off early. These games could end up being a war of attrition, even after 10 minutes.


It’s like when you’re playing a Command & Conquer kind of game against AI, and you’ve built up your attacking force to one million, sally out to conquer to discover that the AI has two bikes and a rusty ATV.


My neon message to the AFL.



Ten from our best team,
Risk injury for glow-ball?
Absolute bullsh*t!


X is gonna fix ya.


All the talk at the moment is that AFLX will be fast fast fast.

I wonder if AFLX will be a bit like when T20 first started. Remember the first few games Australia played of T20. The batsman tried to smash every ball for 6 and the the bowlers tried to blast the batsman out with each ball. It was like everything had to be done hard and fast helter skelter.

A year or two later and the players realised its not all bash and speed. Batsman now realise just like longer forms of cricket there needs to be a certain level of calm and control. Yes there needs to be some urgency but you still have to build an innings, give respect to the good balls and try to smash the bad. Slow bowlers and spin bowlers can be match winners.

I wonder if AFLX will be like that? Will the teams that run around like blue-arsed flies win or will it be the more methodical teams?


I’ve managed to remain mostly apathetic about this little carnival to this point, but I think the LED goal posts and acrobats might have tipped me over the edge.

Are they farkin serious?


I hear the F1 grid girls are out of a job.
Could be an opportunity there.

Maybe even get the commish to come out and overrule a ref mid-game!


so you’re going?


I’m not only going, I’m making a banner


The AFL is the most PC organisation in Australian sport i doubt that would ever happen. Might be able to work another pride round into the AFL X Carnival somehow though.