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You don’t like curtain raisers?


If the change is actually about more having curtain raisers I would be staggered. It’s more likely about other types of pre match ‘entertainment’.


You don’t like acrobats?


The mention of “rule tweaks” when there were, supposedly, none made, has me more concerned than the threat of pre-game circus acts being presented as “entertainment”. If I wanted to see clowns on Etihad, I would go watch North Melbourne games.


I hate it how our game is constantly striving to be softer.

Less hard hits etc now shortening the game so it’s easier to play.

I love that our game used to be a hard brutal sport where there was as much a war of attrition as instant destruction. Same with a season, it takes a mental toughness to play. Too many sports are loving to a quick and dirty approach for the sponsors and TV.


Its seems clear that they’ve changed the interpretation of when to recall the bounce.

They’ve realised that we don’t like rule changes so they’ve decided that tweaking interpretations and saying there has been no rule changes is the way to go.

Also, VFL curtain raiser or fark off.


Yes but they said no rule changes* this year.

*Can change other stuff and the interpretation of rules and this statement can still be true


The VFL released its fixture late last year that included a number of proposed curtain-raisers with the proviso they would be “confirmed in the new year”.

They include VFL games at Etihad Stadium — Richmond and North Melbourne’s VFL sides are scheduled to face off before the AFL teams meet at the same venue in Round 8, and Footscray and the Box Hill Hawks are fixtured to play at Etihad Stadium in the lead-up to the Western Bulldogs v Hawthorn night match in Round 16.

Geelong’s VFL team has several games at GMHBA Stadium before the Cats play at the same venue.


Wow so 6 curtain-raisers for the year means no team can warm up other than just before any AFL game in 2018.

I bet if we broke this down the decision would be something like “the NFL doesn’t do pregame warm ups on the field, so why does the AFL need it”.


Yeah, thanks whoever the EFC guy was that pre-empted this crap.
The only ‘entertaiment’ people want before the football is football.
Not that friggin’ hard.

Show me half an hour on the screen of Essendon belting seven bells out of our opponents over the last 60 years and I’ll be happy.
You could bring in Ed Sheeran to sing See The Bombers Fly Up and I’m going out for a smoke.

Edit: And I have a small little fear that some corporate twit will read this and think, hmmmm…need to stop people going out for a smoke.


The NFL does pregame warm ups.


The players get introduced, then they do their warm up. Otherwise, they aren’t allowed on the field beforehand.

Here, there’s a warm up. Then they go back inside. Then run through the banner, then do another warm up.
I’m assuming the AFL are getting rid of any warm up prior to the players running through the banner.


What skin is it off the afl’s nose though whether there is a warm up or not. It’s not like they can monetise the pregame to their own advantage. It’s not like like hordes of people are magically going to turn up to a norf game to see some jugglers pre game.

That said if they gave mr classical gas from Richmond Station a pre game stage I’d be all for that.


Not according to:


It was hypothetical given 98% of their decisions are based on the NFL. The other 2% come from Vince McMahon - trying to put an X into football.


I think you’re just making things up as you go along Just like they do AFL House.


Fair enough! But they usually lack original ideas.


Support gig from Rockin’ Bunny outside Jolimont Station.


I’m one of those people who arrive at the opening siren and no pregame bolony will change that. The last thing i want before a game is ■■■■■■ music echoing through the ground from crappy pa speakers, or acrobats or some other preconceived entertainment.

Then again, it’s more likely every round will eventually have a theme to it so i guess every week will need a ceremony of some sort.


Not worth a new topic, but on the terrible ideas front Gil said today they’d consider letting players go out on loan, European soccer style. Hogwash.