AFL - Good Ideas, Terrible Ideas, Too Many Ideas, No Idea


Pretty good idea, I reckon.


Yeah that’s not gonna happen


Mid year drafting/trading is tripe. This is proper sport, not NBA Jam where you can just push the reset button and start again when things aren’t going your way.

This Hocking bloke reckons it’s good because football can’t be predictable. I suppose he foresaw Richmond and the dogs winning the flag and Melbourne’s final round capitulation.

Get stuffed.


If there’s stuff on beforehand that they have to pay for, they can (and will) charge us.


I suspect if they can get people into the ground earlier then those people would be spending more on food and drink as they fill in the time. Add in kids who have been enticed by Franco the Flame Throwing Fruiterer and the AFL are getting extra $$ from the peripheral spending.


AFL gone full troppo today: mid-season draft, mid-season temporary trading between clubs, AFLX to be spun off with separately/privately owned clubs selecting dream teams, and other thought bubbles.

There must be some really bad news they’re trying to distract from.


I’d love to know what it is that Tim Watson knows about when he says he’s heard goings-on lately which would “be the biggest story in the AFL ever”. He’s not prone to “you’ll never believe what happened next” style hyperbole, so it kinda piques one’s interest a little.

Could this be why there’s a decidedly higher than normal level of utter drivel and sh1te emanating from McC0ckring of late?..


To be fair, I’d pay to see Franco!


I’m sure that’s what they think.

I’m equally sure none of the people making these decisions have been in the outer at an AFL ground, an hour before kickoff, with 2k people and 50k empty seats.
Oh, you have flamethrowers and some cheerleaders? That’s definitely going to make it more enticing than being almost anywhere else.

I can’t imagine the target market for this. Families/kids find a footy game well and truly long enough. Younger/single people are unlikely to want to watch lame, forced “entertainment” over any of the other options for actual entertainment. Traditionalists want to watch footy.


He’s 100% prone to ■■■■ stirring though!

Probably a Quentyn Lynch comeback bid.


The cynical part of me can’t help but think the offer of more entertainment (ie pre game stuff) is just going to be an excuse to hike ticket prices in the near future. I mean, the afl surely aren’t going to spend more money on something that doesn’t bring revenue are they?


It may just be about pushing country footy leagues defecting from Central command off the back page.


One million times this.


Please explain.

P.S. If the AFLPA don’t speak up shortly, you’ll know the fix is in.


There was an article in the Hun yesterday about a country league (sorry I forget which) refusinging to sign the affiliation agreement with AFL Victoria because it was cheaper to go their own way.

Problem for the league is that it means that it denies players within the league access to junior pathways. Apparently AFL Vic are already on the phone to players encouraging them to switch to an affiliated league.


Junior pathways aren’t an issue for second division leagues, of which I imagine there are a lot in Victoria.
There’s certainly one in the Wimmera.


Fair enough. I know next to nothing about country footy. I thought it was interesting that this league was walking away for financial reasons though. Will be interesting to see if others follow suit.


Paul Hamilton will sort it out. Or leave and be forgotten.


I hadn’t heard this. Any further details?


No, don’t know any more than that. He could well be ■■■■-stirring though…