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He’s not one for that. Tends to choose his comments very carefully and is strategic in terms of when he makes them. I wonder what the scandal is (it won’t be the country footy thing, that’s way too small fry).


gillon’s extracurricular activities… maybe. maybe not.

hope so.


Would love to think his onslaught of drivel is the ramblings of a sweaty man who’s getting tight around the sphincter as a result of the saga reappearing.
Sadly, I doubt it is…


“Days since last afl scandal: 0”

getting ready.


The league is the Picola and District. I played junior footy there as a kid. Its got two divisions and 17 clubs. It’s not the first time they have gone against town hall. In 2016 they refused to agree to a points salary cap. This was because most of the teams are based in tiny towns with next to no population meaning they rely on players coming from other clubs, which in turn meant the points cap the AFL based administrators wanted to impose wasn’t appropriate. The result of that was they had to supply their own umpires with the administration refusing to let AFL accredited ones officiate.

They fell into line last year with a modified points cap. However they have gone rouge again this year. Seems to be an issue with costs of the administration the AFL is forcing on the clubs when they beleive they can do it cheaper themselves. Interesting the AFL have pulled the pathway program Lever this time to try and get the clubs to stick with them. Not sure it will work.


It’s time for me to stop posting ideas on BB.


Again, cannot and will not work with second division leagues.
You know, people who just like playing football and know they’re not gonna make it to the Ballarat league.

Like…most people.
Oh, you’re not doing anything at all for people who are like that, but you’re charging them money?



It’s strange people are getting angry about a proposed mid-season trading period - This is nothing new and in fact players could get clearances to another club until June 30 until around the mid to late 80’s


Unless you’ve been on the planet for less than three decades.
It was a useless idea then, it’s actually sabotaging your own club now.


That’s why it’s so great. The draft and tanking didn’t exist when it was around last time.

Lending of players is an awful idea, on so many levels.


On the plus side though you might finally get to see Billy Hartung in an Essendon jumper.


Billy will be too busy winning Norf’s best and fairest.


To be fair, my mother would a shot at winning Norths best and fairest


That’s disrespectful to your mum. Of course she would win it! No doubt about it.


Lending players isn’t from other AFL clubs. Not sure what the fuss is about. E.g. you sign a player mid year from a local club, he goes back in the draft pool at the end of the year.


Another measure to support clubs that are already winning while doing nothing for those at the bottom of the ladder.


It’s probably supporting the middle teams more than anything.


Is it though? Is pulling a player from Williamstown really going to drive St Kilda from 12th into top 8 contention? Help Geelong crack top 4?

I’d see it as depth cover, if two of you ruckmen went down you might need to pull in a reserve but it’s not going to change a teams fortunes.


Yeah, it’s definitely bad news for ruckmen.


Robbing the local clubs of top players?