AFL - Good Ideas, Terrible Ideas, Too Many Ideas, No Idea


It should be a badge of honour for a local club to have player make the AFL - For them to think otherwise is short-sighted and selfish.


Tom Browne on Twitter running with the story that all AFL clubs have been directed to start using new theme songs. Not clear whether they mean completely new songs or new versions, but I suspect the latter.

If this is in any way true then faaaaaaaaaaark that.


Is this for the aflx games or the traditional club songs?


Regular season it seems.



Play ours backwards and see if we can summon up Satan to drag the afl to hell.


Reckon BBlitz should have a go at a new Essendon theme song.


While I would like farkcarlton sung on a continuous loop, that ain’t happening


I’m expecting some kind of fake news to come out in the next 24 hours so this gets forgotten about and the fans don’t kick up a stink.

Another unnecessary change to our game without consultation of the fans.


AFL’s gone full AFL last few weeks.

Normally you unveil the distractions as/after you get into trouble.


so it’s worked then


More unecessary change

The league is a complete joke



Would you possibly, maybe, be able to offer a considered opinion as to WHY the AFL might make such a change?



Richmond fans should riot.


One might even be inclined to wonder whether the issuing of this edict isn’t in response to currently being in trouble…


No. I’m not as moronic as the AFL is making themselves out to be.

Sure, the AFL likes to be the lead story 365 days a year, but it takes a creative mind to see them coming out ahead by being the bully stomping on every team’s theme.


Seriously though just post the picture already


Damnit. whoosh


it’s ok - we enjoyed watching it happen


You know you want it