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Why would the AFL do this to us?



I already tried. It ain’t happening




Come on @theDJR your audience awaits

Why are the AFL making all teams use new versions of their theme songs…




This is like that one time I made a few comments on a VFL game and everyone just assumed it would continue forever.


Ha, link not working.


Why are you still refusing to post it?


Seriously though, multiple sources now running with the story that 16 teams theme songs have been rerecorded (the exceptions hilariously being gws and gc).

This is next level dumb by the morons at AFL House. Can you even imagine the backlash at the Rich Carl game if they unfurl the flag and then a ‘new improved’ Rich theme song plays? They will dead set torch the joint


“Essendon, clap clap




That’s the question. Has their survey team told them this is a big issue for fans? Or are they looking at what overseas are doing?
I don’t see the problem with the current songs unless a specific club thinks they need to change it - fine do it because you think your club has to.

But to order all clubs (except GWS and GC) to do it, means it must be a problem that needs fixing for ALL clubs. Well is it? And if so what is the evidence for that? Otherwise it’s a stupid proposal that will cause un-necessary angst.

There must be lots of other things that need more attention than this.


Big opportunity for Richmond. They can remove all the other words and just sing “Yellow and Black” over and over again. It’s the only words that their illiterate rabble supporters sing now anyway.


Like sorting out which teams jumpers actually clash (or confessing as to the real reason for clash jumpers).


They tired it once before, with this travesty.


Trust this to happen under the watch of ol’ boiled egg eyes. He couldn’t organise a root in a brothel.


What? Like growing the game in the Maldives, Afghanistan, Iceland, Tuvalu and Andorra?


Surely it is the clubs who make the decision on the club song, not the afl? I mean, it’d be like the afl over ruling a club’s constitution and forcing them for ecample to change their jumpers… oh wait…


They may aswell make LETS GET LOUD our song


And then add “Do you like a punt?” to the lyrics.


Snippet of updated Richmond song posted:

Its like the original but without the heart, soul or history. Who needs that sh?t?